More to see than churches

Taking a wander round the little village of Corinto in Nicaragua
that we visited at the end of last year
I discovered there was more to see than churches lol

Look what we found just up the street from here IMG_5546

A beautiful parrot called Rosa just hanging around outside her house.
Lovely to talk to even if I couldn’t understand a word she said
Unfortunately she was in the shade
and there was no way i could get a good photo 😦
IMG_5521And happily playing nearby in the gutter
A free roaming tortoiselle and white moggy
Who was far more interested in what might be coming down the road
than saying hello !


Not sure what she saw but it certainly held her attention lol


Camera Critters can be found here
I haven’t taken part for while but do
Pop over and see who else might be there

11 thoughts on “More to see than churches

  1. Cathy, What a lovely street in your first photo. It makes me want to get out on the road. Thanks for saying that you miss my posts. I’m still around, but we’ve been busier than ever at work and it’s the time of year when we hose three interns now too. My granddaughter’s school activities have kept me busier than I’ve ever been. It’s made her freshman year at school seem to speed by, but there’s been little time for blogging. I sneak a post in when I get the chance. But sometimes I’m reading other blogs and not typing. GG


  2. Hi Cathy, this is a great Camera Critter post. I enjoyed the photos. Have a great weekend and hope all continues to go well with your recovery after eye surgery.


  3. Okay I learned that “moggy” is a British term for a cat. I’m not sure what tortoiselle means but I assume it is part of the description of the cat. A tortoiselle and white cat. Great international flavor in your blog posts.


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