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Shopping your own book shelf

I’m sitting here at the computer in the back bedroom
Looking at an over loaded set of book shelves
and you’d never guess what I found?
What appeared to be one tattered book1

A forgotten read from a while ago2

An oldish edition of a long published children’s book3

Given as a gift many years ago
March 1954
That would be 59 years ago4

Catherine (11yrs old) in her school hat
Feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square
Enroute to a new life in Germany
(Father in the Air Force)
March 1954Trafalgar Square March 1954

It’s quite while since I actually read W in the Ws
Might be time for a reread –
Wonder what Mole, Ratty, Mr Toad and Mr Badger
have been up to since I last saw them lol

Do you ever reread children’s books?
What would be your favourites?

11 thoughts on “Shopping your own book shelf”

  1. Ah the wonderful stories from childhood! I had 3 books, that my brother had searched for for me, a l o n g time ago. My ex wouldn’t let me have them because they weren’t listed separately in the divorce papers. Schmuck! I would have liked them for the grandkiddies.

    No, I haven’t read any children’s books for about 15 years or so, when I read to my son. That is a pleasant find that you had right under your nose!


  2. I’m enjoying using my grandchildren as an excuse to re-visit all my old childhood favourites, just as I shared them with my children when they were small. There are some lovely news books, of course, such as the Julia Donaldson collection but nothing beats Beatrix Potter and A A Milne at the moment. “The Wind in the Willows” never goes out of favour and I can’t wait until they are old enough for Edith Nesbit and Mary Norton books. I have to admit that I enjoy some of the children’s classics more than a lot of modern adult fiction!


  3. I do! I love my Enid Blyton school stories and The Secret Island. Judith Kerr’s When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is another favourite. The Narnia series, of course. And lately, though I discovered them as an adult, the Harry Potter books.


  4. Not recently. Don’t think I’d be so impressed with the Famous Five and Secret Seven these days, but I still have a great fondness for Pooh Bear. Wind in the Willows would still be a delightful read and I love that early shot of you. Memories, hey?


  5. Funnily enough I just had a huge craving to read Rebecca again. Not a children’s book per se but a book I read in my teens and shared with my mother. I’ve never forgotten that first line….
    Had the most wonderful time in New Zealand with Mickle. We believe we have found our ‘real’ home. Now to discover how to get there. What a beautiful place! We had a week with Mickle and her parents and really enjoyed ourselves. We’ve adopted Mickle’s parent’s as our own – :0) I can tell you a month is not long enough to see the North Island. I wonder how long it will take to do the South Island?
    Glad to see you again Cathy!!


  6. That’s a lovely memory. I have one too from 1960 I think it was. I got mine as a junior art prize and I was presented with it during the school assembly. Lovely book, lovely story, lovely memories. Thanks 🙂


  7. Cathy, what a joy to find a book from your childhood. I recently re-read The Hobbit and loved it all over again. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. It was about time for an update so I spent the last hour doing one if you want to hop on over and read it.


  8. Nice memories! I re-read The Wind in the Willows in the past 2 years and enjoyed it all over again. On a tangent, I hadn’t realized that 2 new Paddington Bear novels have been published in the 2000s by the original author.


  9. G’day Cathy. How great is that. You may remember that I hosted Ratty, Toad and Mole on their world wide journey not that long ago (they were cloth versions of course) They had such wonderful adventures traveling the globe. I do hope you enjoy reading that fantastic book. Take care. Liz…


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