I’m not just a pretty face….

There’s more to me than a pair of knitting needles lol

That was an expression used by a friend I had in England many years ago.  I met her at a ‘young mum’s’ group and marvelled at the knitting she produced.  However it seemed in a previous life she was a plain clothes policewoman and was very bitter at the then ruling of ‘No married women in the force’!

So to prove that I can do more than knit I’ve managed to read several books during the first two months of this year.  Aim for this year is at least one book a month so we are on track there 🙂

David Baldacci introduces a new character in Zero Day 1.  John Puller, who could be called an army special agent investigator, sent to rural Virginia to look into ‘an unusual death’ he meets up with Samantha Cole a local police detective and the story unfolds from there.  I enjoyed it – a pick it up – put it down – and pick it up again – to get to the end as soon as possible sort of book.  A great way to pass a couple of days during a heat wave!

Linda Fairstein hadn’t been on my reading list before – so this was what I call an ‘off the shelf pick’ from the library.   Just by chance,  Final Jeopardy happened to be her first novel about Alexandra Cooper a sex crimes prosecutor, so I got in on the ground floor as the saying goes.  Friend is killed, she becomes involved and then is a target as well.  I’m not a picky reader (will read anything and everything) but to me this seemed a bit humdrum.  I might see if the second in the series is there and try again.  Others love her so as I say I should have another go.

David Mark’s first book The Dark Winter was also another I plucked from the libary shelf.  Some days I go there with nothing in mind and just take something for the heck of it – not sure if I should be more organised or not.  Anyway this is his first novel about Aector McAvoy a policeman now living in Hull, not the most glamorous city in Yorkshire but one that had a serial killer on the loose.  I became really engrossed in the story as it unfolded just before Christmas (Christmas in the book not real life Christmas lol) – 3 deaths that seemed unrelated till right at the very end.  And yes I did guess the killer but not the way he was involved.  He had vaguely crossed my mind sometime or another and it was only when it became apparent who it was I remembered my thought about that character lol

SO…..if you aren’t just pretty face and there’s more to you than meets the eye what else have you been up to ???? 

Or What books are beside your bed??

6 thoughts on “I’m not just a pretty face….

  1. I would settle for a pretty face about now, but since that isn’t happening, I write and re-write and edit and re-write some more.
    Book I’m reading is “Pennsylvania Voices of the Great War”.
    Other than that I spend a lot of time letting the dogs in and out. Exciting?


  2. None are by my bed, but three are on my Kindle right now. Two I’m reading and one audiobook. The ones you have look very interesting and I shall put them on my list


  3. I already have a number of half-read books on my Kindle e-reader. I have not touched my Kindle since November, after my trip to India. These days, I seem to prefer the computer.


    1. Hello Gigi
      As I said to Annie, I have some ready to read and just sitting there waiting. At least I dont have to worry about having to get them back to library lol


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