There’s a solution for everything!

Well it’s certainly been a strange week in my house
After getting over the ‘shock’ of what I saw in the mirror
and once I was able to keep awake and not keep nodding off
(I’m not sure what the aneasthetist put in the sedation but I don’t remember a thing)
I began to wonder how I could fill in my days.

As well as the obvious No Driving the ‘strict’ post op instructions from the specialist had included:
No vacuuming!
No forward hairwashing – meaning not to do it in the shower but able to if the head is hanging backwards and someone else does it for you!
No rubbing your eyes!
No creams near the eye – preferably not on the face at all!
No swimming!
No gardening!
No bushwalking!
No going to the gym!

I could read, watch tv and use the computer for short period of times
‘now and again’
So that didn’t leave much – ‘cept for sitting about doing nothing lol
As it was it turned out to be so bright and unbearably hot on the deck
I stayed inside for the whole week 😦
And what I ended up doing was what else but knitting lol

Look at what I came up with
A stash busting boat necked jumper/sweater
sized for an 18 month old
Mostly plain stocking stitch with an easy to follow graph for a ‘Big Ted’.
So easy on the eyes (sorry) I could do most of it with them closed 🙂 🙂

Had my one week check today.
I mentioned the fact that I needed my glasses to see things clearly out of my left eye – leaving them off made it tired but putting them on meant my right eye (now the ‘good’ eye wit no problems) was not happy.

You’d never guess what his suggestion was?
Yes, thats right – he sat there with a very straight face and said, as tho it was the most obvious thing to anyone – ‘pop into the opticians and ask them to take the lens out of the right side’ then wear them and you will have the benefit of two eyes that are in tune with each other.

Don’t you just hate these people who have all the answers lol  I’m sitting here feeling a bit gormless wearing a one eyed pair of spectacles thinking – Roll on March 20th’ then all these hassles (hopefully) will be a thing of the past lol

So how did your week go?
What problems did you have to solve?

8 thoughts on “There’s a solution for everything!

  1. I am worried about your knitting. When I do handwork I have to lean forward a lot, Guess you are so good you don’t have to watch every stitch like I do. LOL Your progress sounds wonderful.


  2. Glad you are getting on so well.
    Darling sweater! Most knitters I know can go for an hour or more without even looking at their work, maybe a glance of a pattern change.
    Imagine you are a bit bored being on restrictions.



  3. Remember to wear your sun glasses when you go out. Make sure they are UV protected, something your optician can test for. That sweater you knitted is gorgeous! I wish I were as talented as you.


  4. Well you certainly havent been wasting your time! Beautiful bear Wont be long until you are back to normal but better


  5. Happy to hear your recovering well and the eye op worked a treat. The jumper is amazing. My mum used to knit jumpers like that forus when we were kids. xxx


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