Its all in the mind

After expending all my energy at the pool and the gym last week
I’ve been lying low this week – for no reason what so ever
Just feeling a bit down and out of sorts
There were pleasant mornings spent on the deck
or pottering very quietly in a very dismal parched looking garden
A few weeds found their way into the bin
Followed very closely by the now very dead heads of all the Agapanthus

Once it warmed up I moved into the cool of the house
I profess to enjoying the heat but in actuallity
I sag a bit these days when it gets near to 30c/86f 😦

So to keep myself busy I’ve been clicking away with the needles
determined to move more of that yarn stash in the garage
I’ve mentioned KOGO a few times 
and thats where these very simple baby woollens are destined to go

So so easy to knit, the sleeveless ones (above)
are crafted by joining the two fronts and knitting the back down from there

1 Baby cardigans
1 baby jackets

3 jacket over the shoulder 

So inspired by Jenny who writes at My Life In Flip Flops and this old cable pattern, utilising the same over the shoulder principle I started to work on an idea I had in my mind

Pen – Paper – Lots of scribbled notes – Lots and Lots of counting later
This is the result
So far – so good

2 cable
3 cable

Just a few more cables, followed by the ribbing and the back is finished
Neck comes next – then I’ll join the sides
Wanting something with a boyish look I originally thought of a vneck
but changed to the buttoned front opening instead
Should be finished by the end of the week

Then it is on to some other ideas I have for a load of bright coloured wool
Boat Necks and Fair Isle (another love of mine) will feature prominently 🙂

I tell you – once I have an idea in mind there’s no stoppping me
The Golfer wonders why it doesn’t happen where household duties are concerned
Silly man – his mind obviously works differently to mine 😦

How does your mind work?
Do you always follow the instructions as written
or do you find a need to change them now and again?

14 thoughts on “Its all in the mind

  1. I am for the most part an instruction reader. No way could I ever do cable on the fly, it would have to be done line by line and counted. 🙂

    Now cooking – whole different animal 😀


  2. I am dreadful at following instructions. An inspirational idea is fine but after that I likw to puzzle things out. Having said that my knitting has gone backwards over the years so it would need to be instructions all the way!


  3. I don’t knit and probably never will, because I tend to get a stiff neck while gazing downward. You made some lovely things, though. The recipients will be glad they know you.


  4. Pleased I’ve inspired you to cable but not sure I can take any credit for you going off piste with the pattern. I find it difficult to imagine how to adapt it but once the knitting starts it usually becomes clearer, I must be a practical person not a dreamer. You’ve made some gorgeous little items for a good cause, well done you.


  5. I just commented on your current post and wondered who the beautifully knitted garment is meant for, and now I know! Such a caring organizaion and so are you.

    A lot of people get the winter blues/blahs here, but it sounds like you are having a bit of a summer blah feeling. I’m glad you have the knitting and other things to go to when it gets overwhelming.


  6. Your knitting frenzy sounds a bit like my quilting obsession. I do knit as well, and once produced 7 Icelandic fairisle sweaters for children aged from 7 to 17 in two months, for Christmas presents. They started at the top, on a circular needle and were entirely made in one piece, the only seams being the inner sleeves. I loathe sewing up knitted garments! Odd, when you think how much sewing is involved in patchwork!


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