Watery Wonders February 2013

Washing up time is often contemplation time for me
I look out the window and reflect on ‘things’

More really hot days, bush fires, Elvis on duty again and helping out wherever he can
And no rain on the horizon for Victoria

Then I thought about turning up to the local swimming pool earlier this week
To find something going on all over the place
and hardly any space left.
This is not a tiny little thing but an Oylmpic sized indoor 50 metre heated pool

KCP There were ‘oldies’ doing an aerobics class
Preschool and littles having their lessons
First week of the school year and a couple of schools had begun their lessons
Out of all the lanes there was just half of one
left for what I call ‘free swimming and water play’

Thankfully that was enough for what I had planned.
Walking up and down against the flow of the water
to loosen my hips and legs
Followed by a little bit of swimming

There were 2 lap lanes marked = Fast and Slow
Now I can assure you the swimmers in the slow lane
definitely weren’t doing my idea of slow
so I didn’t even think about going in there lol

Yes I was quite happy to use the free space for my swimming
(two lanes wide and half the length )
Not so much swimming in my case but a bit of huffing and puffing
(really must get down there more often)
and then floating around on my back lol

Then there was my heart stopping episode in the bath that same day
(We live close by so I don’t shower at the pool
I come straight home and have a bath)

Turned on the tap  to start filling the bath.
Wandered off to pick up my hot drink and find a book
Stepped in, went to sit down and jumped a mile – the water was freezing 😦

Now our water heater has a thermostat which means once it’s set to the temp you want all you do is turn on the tap and away you go.  Only need to turn on one tap – no fiddling with hot and cold trying to get the right water temp to come through the mixer outlet.  What you set is what you receive.
That is if you turn on the correct tap!!

 Yes, in my haste I’d turned on the cold tap and not the hot one lol
So I just raised the temp,
Turned on the correct tap 
Hot into cold equalled a nice pleasant bath of warm water
It actually turned out about the same as the lower temp I’d set in the first place.

And then – yes there’s more lol
Lazed about – soaked a little – drank my coffee – read a little
Decided I would slide down under the water – without removing my glasses!!
First time I’ve done that 🙂

How has your week gone??
Any memorable moments you can tell about?

17 thoughts on “Watery Wonders February 2013

  1. A post of watery reflections. A bath is a real luxury for me, candles, lots of bubbles and a book. I am so disappointed when I run the bath too cold and then dont have enough hot water to raise the temperature, I like it scalding hot. I’m having a good week, thanks for asking, some sunshine, some snow, a couple of days out. Such is retirement, I love it. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. haha. This post made me laugh. Glad we both have a sense of humor. I usually take a shower, not a bath, and never have trouble with water temperature. I used to swim every weekend, either at the beach or in a pool, but lately, hubby and I prefer to snorkel and look at the colorful fish. It’s both invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Have a good day!


    1. oh what a thing to happen! sitting in frigid water!

      Thanks for your comment on my painting…I’ve added a chimney and smoke and will show it again soon!


      1. Hello Christine
        I’ll have to pop back and see the DIY household additions – ldon’t forget to let me know when the builder had finished lol


  3. Busy week here; I was out 3 evenings in a row, but am now forced to stay home by a raging snowstorm! Luckily we are well-stocked with provisions, and the power has not gone out!


  4. I so wish that I had a place to swim. My brother manages to go daily an I so envy him. As far as what happened this week….well my husband is walking without his cane!!! This last spinal steroid injection has finally gotten good results and we are holding our breath that this regained ability to stand will last.


  5. All that water sounds nice! Would love to go play!
    We have instant electric hot water, DH thinking of going gas…
    it’s vented, yes?
    I love the fact that we never run out of hot water…


  6. I thought you were going to tell us that you forgot to turn off the water! I had that experience over a year ago. Of course it was good for a blog post. 🙂

    Your stories make me long for summer while we are just in the middle of winter. I love water; wish I were a good swimmer. Maybe I’ll take some lessons and get better some day. Age does not seem to be a deterent.

    Thanks for the smiles and laughs.


  7. Hi there Cathy, I haven’t been around for a while so am catching up.
    Oooh, jumping into a bath of cold water – yes, I can understand how you weren’t impressed!
    We unfortunately don’t have a bath in our little home, just a shower, and sometimes we really miss the luxury of sinking into a bath. Never mind, that’s how it goes.
    You’ve put me in mind to call in at the local pool – sounds good.
    Cheers now 🙂


  8. I came expecting photos of water lilies, or maybe seahorses, Cathy. That’s what I expect of watery wonders, so you fooled me. But I had a nice read with my early morning cuppa, and a smile or two, so you didn’t disappoint. Nice to meet you and many thanks for reaching out to mine.


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