Look on the bright side!

My Mother used to have a way with words – with her direct way of speaking she certainly didn’t sound like the most sympathetic person – I suppose a life full of hard knocks does that to you.
A well intended – “Don’t sit there looking miserable and feeling sorry for yourself’ get up and do something about it” was never well received by me.  I wanted her to undertand and give me more than what equated to ‘sort yourself out ‘cose no-one else can do it for you.

These days we seem to be more aware of emotions and feelings but I wonder if she’d put it this way –  ‘Think positively – not negatively’
(Based on the idea the mind can affect the body, positive thinking is a way of  keeping the mind and body healthy.)
would I have remembered the ‘lesson’ I think she was trying to teach me?

For some reason her words kept popping into my mind this week and as much as I didn’t enjoy hearing them they did prompt me to get off my b… and sort myself out lol

Most of it seems to stem from this irrational fear I have of these cataract operations – yes the dates have been set, I will be having them replaced over the next two months.  I have no idea why I’m so uptight considering most of my ‘working life’ was spent in the company of doctors, nurses and patients but I’m sure I will survive – both mentally and physically.

A mess in the garage (a never ending problem in our house) meant suit cases had to stay on the deck after we got home in December – Stop complaining, you made the mess, get out there and tidy it up.
Result – discovered enough wool/yarn out there to knit again this year for the KOGO project run in conjunction with the Save the Children Born to Knit project.

Still have sore itchy eyes – eye drops from the eye specialist helped as well as staying away from the computer.  Reason for no posts this week – sorry
Result – worked out how to use a lot of the wool/yarn using older favourite well used simple knitting patterns that I can knit easily and not worry about having to look at the instructions.

Back and legs still playing up – had several painful days on the cruise and also after we returned.  Decided to replace the mattress, it may not be the main reason for our aches and pains but was not helping much either as it really was becoming too soft.  The Golfer and I went shopping and agreed at once on the mattress found at the first store we visited.
Result – an early delivery was a surprise (thought we’d have to wait a while) and coincidence or not we both feel much better in the morning – seems firm was the way to go.  Had to buy a quilted protector as it really felt ‘hard’ the first night compared to the lush pillow top we had previously.  Might have to get a wool underlay for the winter, last night was quite cool and it felt ‘cold’.  I’m sure we’ll get used to it!

So I just have to wonder – am I taking my Mother’s tough love advice – or am I thinking positively and not negatively??  Here’s to looking on the bright side 🙂

Oh and thanks for all your comments and emails over the month – now I have this off my chest I will keep up to date reading and answering them (and all your blogs as well)

7 thoughts on “Look on the bright side!

  1. Yah, you know your mom was right even if she didn’t make the words poetic.
    Suitcases still outside? Oh my, bad as me…
    Yarn – wonderful you can still knit. Yep, you don’t need to look at it once you get going unless you’re turning a heel or something.
    Glad for the new mattress! Better mattress, better sleep.
    Quite being nervous about your eyes – they have it pretty well down pat now. 😉


  2. Tough love is good for us but like you I really sometimes just want a hug and sympathy. I hope it all goes well for you just think how much more you will be able to see when your on the other side if the op. xxx


  3. I think that attitude of dusting yourself off and getting on with life was drummed into that generation. It saw them through tough times during the war, didn’t it? My sister and I were recalling how we were allowed three tears and then told to “Come on, now, it isn’t the end of the world!” We still say ‘Three tears’ to each other as a reminder.
    An extra firm mattress brought back relief to my husband and me, too. Another sign of advancing years? We haven’t developed cataracts yet but that’s a matter of time, I’m sure. Lots of our friends have had them removed and have been delighted with the results so I expect it is the waiting and wondering that is the problem. I’ll be thinking of you.


  4. Last year my doctor said that I had a small cataract. I am pretty sure it is now worse and I will have to decide about surgery. Since I threw a clot after my last surgery because I was off my blood thinners and had a heart attack, I am not anxious to have more surgery. I understand your concern but everyone seems to say it is a very easy surgery. Thinking of you and wishing you well.


  5. I think tough love was definately the way the parents of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s brought up children, definately a time when children should be”seen and not heard”.Stiff upperlip and all that….


  6. Lol at the above comment, seen and not heard …

    My grandmother’s famous line was ‘bustle about a bit’ if someone claimed about being cold. Have to say we have gone for winters in Spain now without a fire and this year we have neither used a tumble dryer nor a heater in our Gibflat.

    Have to say I was horrified when my optician told me that everyone gets cataracts once they get to 40! And then she said how simple the op now is and takes about five mins. But still I appreciate your fears. And working with clinicians can often make it worse. You can know too much. Fingers crossed for you.

    We mostly sleep on camping mats on the floor. Pretty firm 😀 When we first married we got a futon, guess we’ve spent most of our lives on the floor. Suits me. Beds are difficult to clean around and under anyway.


  7. It takes a lot of energy to pick urns elves up, doesn’t it? Sounds like you did a good job of it. Take care as you prepare for your surgeries. I hope it all goes vey well for you. All the best! But hey! Finding yarn while cleaning and then knitting sounds like a good thing to do.


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