The week that was…….

Which turned out to be rather busy in one way or another
We had a real stinker one day 40c/104f with a strong northerly
(northerlies being hot winds here in Australla)
most were pleasant in the high 20’s C/ 70’s F

Bush Fires are still burning in most states
This Was current today January 19th 2013
but could change as time goes by
There are lots of interesting things to read there (click latest news)

Anyway it had to be done so I knuckled under
and did some serious cupboard sorting
I gleaned some clothes and shoes from my wardrobe
and they have gone to the Op-shop
Otherwise known as Charity shop or Thrift shop depending on where you live

 Linen, sheets and towels found new homes
Or at least they will if someone fancies them in the Op- shop
The jigsaws I spoke about were pondered over – never a good thing to do
Resulted in only half of them being rehomed
The other half are back in the cupboard.  There was one brand new one amongst them and I really wanted the chance to at least have a go at doing it.

One day was spent in visiting and going out to lunch.
Something not to be sniffed at
and such welcome relief from the ‘bomb site’ at home
(see below)
It also meant I was able to pass the jigsaws over to their new owner at the same time!
Didn’t do so well with the books or crockery
but there is always another day to look at that department 🙂

Thankfully I had no visitors during the week
They’d have found it difficult to get in the door the day I did the hall cupboard
That’s where all the towels and sheets along with other linen type things live
Clearing and sorting makes such a mess and I took the easy way out and just pulled everything off the shelves onto the floor
Not all at once tho’ – I’m not that daft lol

All this rearranging made me realise (once again)
that this home of ours in very small
and if anything is needed it is more storage space
A few years ago we had the kitchen remodeled
its not very large so one of my demands requests
was to have extra space for storage

Working on a idea I had, this is what they came up with
(some of you may have seen these in a previous post a couple of years ago)
 Secret drawers along the baseboards of the cupboards1

Two were installed but ever since I’ve wished I’d asked for more
They are so useful, hidden from view and hold so much
My loss as there was space available to house them 2

 I used to save pictures of storage ideas and found this one of a secret drawer in the bottom of the stars and that is what gave me the idea for the kitchen drawers
(I’ve had this image for years and have forgotten the source)

storage stairs

I would have loved this when the kids were little
The times I’d fall over kids shoes right there
scattered at the bottom of the stairs lol

Now if we’d had more available cash at the time
I’d have aked for these roll out shelvesmovable storage shelves

We did get drawers for crockery
but these would have been great for the pots and pans
Just think – no more digging around at the back of the cupboard
‘where are you – I know you’re in there somewhere’
they just come to you lol

There’s another idea I’ve wanted to put in place
A Rubbish/ Laundry shute

I realise they’ve been a feature in homes for many years but it was a novel idea to me when I first saw one in 1964.  Tip it away and it disappears.
ends up in a bag/bin in another part of the house.
Unfortunately our home is too close to the ground to incporprate
the rubbish down the shute idea 😦

This is a very old photo of the kitchen we had way back in the 1960’s in the block of flats we called home at the time we lived in Singapore and there on the far side tucked away on the wall near the sink is the rubbish shute
rubish shute

Now as the golfer will arrive home early evening today, perhaps I’d better go and wash the dishes and make the bed. Can’t let home think I’ve done nothing while he’s been away can I??

8 thoughts on “The week that was…….

  1. I would KILL for the roll out shelves… I believe I would do a lesser deed to even get a second shelf in my base cabinets! It’s always a mess and short of my doing it myself (badly) it will never be resolved! Wish I had those stairs too… no second floor.


  2. What great ideas for storage, Cathy. When I had my kitchen remodelled twenty years ago, I thought I would never fill all the cupboards and drawers but that was a fantastic illusion. What I’d give for those base hideaways and a few roll out drawers now that my back and knees are creaky!

    Sorry that you didn’t win the book. I’m having a book sort-out so let me know what you like to read and I’ll see if there is anything to send your way.


  3. I could not bend over to get that stuff out of the drawers. Now about the laundry chute. We had a house with a laundry chute in the closet. There was a trap door in the floor and mother would lift the door and drop dirty clothes through the hole. Once she forgot to close the trap door and we were playing hide and seek. My little friend Mary ran into the closet to hide and ended up in the laundry tub in the basement. Thankfully there were clothes in the tub that cushioned her fall.


  4. All my life I’ve managed to completely fill the space I have so perhaps I need less storage and therefore less clutter. I may be downsizing but I too would love some of those pan drawers.


  5. Hi Cathy, it’s been a long time since I visited. Your blog address kind of got lost somehow.
    Lovely to read your storage post. I was really impressed at those clever extra spaces you’ve shown… I never would have thought of those!
    Something about a New Year and having a clear out isn’t there. I too have been going though my linen and clothing – oh boy, it’s amazing just how much had been clinging too. Such a virtuous feeling now that it’s all gone!
    Fires are still burning but it’s good that no homes are currently being threatened. Hope it stays that way too eh.
    Cheerio for now, catch you again a bit later 🙂


  6. Hi Cathy it’s been a while wonders will never cease I just “found” your blog again. Been do a might of cleaning/decluttering myself of late……now just the brain to do next! lol


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