Anyone got a stick of dynamite??

Another week gone – not busy but not exactly sure what did happen.
Tired eyes so I didn’t try to load promised photos of Corinto
but will do so in the next few days.

I’m on my own this week so hopefully I can
as the saying goes ‘pull my finger out’ and get something done lol
There are some cupboards that need sorting
there’s linen that hasn’t been used for a while
crockery that could go to another home
books and puzzles that also could be rehomed
Hopefully that will happen in the next few days

Have an appointment with the cataract specialist next week
so we’ll take it from there.
If they have to be done thats it, I’ll try for an early date
The golfer is away this week and has planned trips for Feb, March and April
which means I’ll have to work ‘surgery’ around those dates

Gosh I do sound miserable don’t I??

Oh there was one bright time in the past week
This delightful young lady turned 18 and passed her driving test on her birthday
Such a lovely young girl – there’ll be no holding her back now!!
We are blessed to have her as a granddaughter

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5 thoughts on “Anyone got a stick of dynamite??

  1. What a beautiful young lady! It’s fun to watch them grow but somehow I’m missing the baby stage with mine now that they’re in their teen years.

    All the people I know who’ve had cataract surgery along with some corrective lens surgery come out of it not even having to wear glasses – even those who have worn them for many years. Good luck!


  2. What a beautiful granddaughter! And congratulations on her birthday and driving test! I like the word you used, “reformed”. I am working on that project too, as I get the time. Good luck with the cataract visit.


  3. Happy birthday to your gorgeous granddaughter. I hooe you can organise your surgery around everything you will need lots of TLC when it’s done.


  4. Never heard “pull you finger out” but have often heard “pull you head out…..” Same meaning for both.

    What a beautiful granddaughter and congrats to her on passing her birthday and passing her driver’s test.

    I have one cataract just beginning. Hope it will be a while before surgery is in the offing. Hope your golfer won’t miss holding your hand during your surgery.


  5. Your granddaughter is very pretty. Congrats to her on her birthday. Cataracts aren’t fun to have. Always remember to wear sun glasses with a UV coating while outdoors. They will prevent future cataracts from forming.


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