One week down –

Yes, a week and a half of the New Year has gone by and not a lot has happened in our house.  Main reason being its been so hot – most years when we have hot weather I find things to do in the house but not this time – sitting around reading on my new toy or sewing has been the way to go.
Unfortunately many other Australians have been more than occupied trying to save their homes and properties while fires have ravaged most of our states.  Tasmania, New South Wales, the ACT as well as Victoria.
This news report tells it all
Its not over yet so keep them in your thoughts.

I did venture down the street (in the car) to do a bit of shopping on Monday
Ended up at a local nicely airconditioned shopping centre
where I wandered round the supermarket
then picked up some Fruit and Veg and looked at some Fish as wellBA

It reminded me of a recent very different shopping day where I wandered down the street – actually it was the day I posted from Corinto.  If you look carefully at the first photo you’ll see the little computer ‘shop’ I used.  Not many cars there either, the locals use these little ‘pedal cabs’ to get around

No airconditioned shopping centre here
An open air corner shop maybe (set in the front room of a house) – road side stall for fruit and veg (on the kerb outside a shop ) – next door to mixed goods, live crabs as well as tiny corn on the cob and bananas.



Don’t forget to click photos to enlarge – Will be back to show you more of Corinto.

5 thoughts on “One week down –

  1. Hi Cathy
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your good wishes on my flood moan! It’s going to take a while to get back to normal here but I don’t think we have suffered as much as those of you facing fire.
    I’m enjoying the photos from your trip – thanks for taking us out of this rainy gloom!


  2. Those shelves in the store in Corinto seemed awfully high. Wonder how they get the items down for customers. It is so strange to hear you talking about the heat while our weather is so cold.


  3. I enjoyed your market photos. I just think fruits and veggies look so pretty when they are displayed for sale. SOrry to hear about the fires. My thoughts for all those involved.


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