So how did it go??

In a word – fabulously.

We sat in lots of airplanes – Big ones
You know the ones
Those where it seems like everyone else in town is going to the same place as you IMG_5283and small ones – small enough to be like a bus 🙂IMGP3020IMG_5284

We sailed in a big ship
enjoying all the fun and facilities with the other people on board


and one day on a tiny one
to get to place where there would be more fun


We had a room with a view –
which was hard to capture at times because of the light coming in through the window

We spent lots of time watching the world go by


Saw some very different wildlife


Were ‘buzzed’ one day and ‘observed’ another day – yes you are seeing correctly –  that is what they have in their hands 😦


There were statues and lighthouses

IMG_5608 Children and Customs IMG_5629Little places with tiny streets

Big places with wide streetsIMG_5372

And more cannons than you’d know what to do with lol

But the real reason we came was to see and experience the Pamana Canal Transit


A very moist humid day played havoc with our cameras so some shots looked all misty as above – or clear as a bell as below.
And yes storm clouds did follow us all day lol

This is an all day event
something even crew members are allowed to come on deck to see IMG_5804


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  1. G’day Cathy. Lovely photos. Looks like you had the most wonderful time. Good on you. Where is your next adventure? Take care. Liz…


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