Oh dear, What have I done ??

Those ‘candid’ snaps Dh ( otherwise known as The Golfer) took of me in Queensland this year are not a new habit he’s developed.
He’s been at it for years!

Look at this one taken back in 2004 when I was ‘making a garden’ at the side of the deck – thankfully he just missed the raised b…. 🙂

Can you see the little lavender plants round the washing line?
They were put there because I needed something to remind me how far to step forward without walking into the centre pole of the Hills Hoist and thats what I came up with.  Decorative and functional – I’m not just a pretty face!!

I planted about six little tubes and once they filled out and surrounded the pole they grew really well over the years. I gave them a little haircut early in the year and nothing stopped them – those little lavender bushes seemed to flower all year round

Back in 2009 I even wrote a post about it lol  – this is what they looked like that year

Summer 2009
Winter 2009

Then the drought broke and the rains came but it didn’t seem to make any difference to the dry drought loving lavender.  They took it all in their stride and still flourished as you can see from this very wet garden shot taken last year

A wet garden 2011

We had a very wet summer which meant I didn’t take any photos of the garden – soaking wet again Autumn and Winter of this year and because it had rained so much and I used the little line on the deck I hadn’t pottered around outside.  Which meant when we had a good dry day not long ago and I popped out to take those spring photos I was surprised with what saw.

Even tho there were masses of flowers at the top – the bottom of the bushes had started to die back.  There were just brown twigs, very woody with no green growth there at all – not very healthy looking at all  So what was I to do – I wasn’t quite sure actually – the nursery said to rip them all out and start again but I was reluctant ot do that.

Now I know Lavender can be ‘touchy’ and won’t come back if you cut too far into old wood but that old saying ‘In for a penny – In for a pound’ or was it ‘Damned if I doDamned if I don’t’ kept going through my head and this is what I ended up doing.

Ready for the mulcher

Click to enlarge the smaller photos

Yes I chopped them all back – nearly to the ground in fact!  I will water them over the summer and maybe give them a feed of Seasol and leave them to their own devices.
If they grow again – great – If they turn up their toes – well they are telling me it’s time to come out

You know, sometimes I would get annoyed when the washing snagged on those bushes but somehow it wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t there

Washing hiding the lavender 2010

Anyone done anything drastic recently??

7 thoughts on “Oh dear, What have I done ??

  1. Let me know how the lavender fares, Cathy. Mine is in the same state – lovely flowers but woody and straggly at the base. I have been wondering what to do rather than dig it all out. I love it and so do the bees. Your laundry must smell gorgeous.


  2. I love watching the washing dancing in the breeze. It must smell wonderful too from the lavender. I hope it comes back for you.


  3. I have never heard of such a thing. You continue to educate us. Yep, I’m thinking the laundry must smell wonderful despite the fact you could snag your wash. We continually do drastic things starting with getting out of bed each day.


  4. I hope your lavender comes back, but I must confess the tears of laughter that fell as I read your post. The successive photos with the planting becoming so full and lush made me laugh out loud. What a lovely scent, though, to have near the wash! Good luck!


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