What was that all about ????

Try the couch

The table

The armchair

The bed

The floor

The sink in the toilet

The bedside locker

The chest of drawers

The mantelpiece

The laundry

The handbag

The shopping bag

Under the table

Under the chair

Under the couch

Under the bed

Under the papers on the floor

In the fridge

In the front door

Or maybe try the hook by the back door!!

Yes you’ve guessed it – Catherine is looking for her keys lol

Sound familiar to anyone????

6 thoughts on “What was that all about ????

  1. Are we to assume that you finally found them on the hook at the back door? I lost my mailbox key last week. Searched high and low, called my kids to see if any of them took them by accident. Borrowed spouse’s key to go to post office and found my key inside the mailbox.. Guess I left them hanging in the door when I was there last. So my dear friend Cathy, you are not alone! lol


  2. G’day Cathy. It wasn’t my keys, rather my hands free phone that I misplaced this morning. I tried using my mobile to ring it, but the other two phones in the house just rang, not the one I had lost. After some time, thinking that I had really fallen off my perch, I realised that I had taken it outside with me when watering and had put it on top of my car in the garage. I can tell you there was a big sigh of relief when I finally realised. !!! Take care. Liz…


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