And the bride wore…………………

Well I’ll tell you that later …………………..

We had a great time visiting Perth last weekend – and you know that even tho’ I didn’t know a soul out of the 120 other wellwishers there apart from Dh and the cousin and partner who came over with us along with the family in Perth it didn’t stop me from enjoying the wedding and talking to anyone that came my way lol.

It turned out to be an  interesting late afternoon/evening  ceremony that began about 5pm in the tiny courtyard of a rather nice West Perth Italian restaurant (Perugino) with the reception held inside – a bit different where weddings are concerned – but hey it makes a change to see how others in society live.  We didn’t have the best of weather either but then you can’t win them all can you?  Cool cloudy with showers – while here in Melbourne they had sun and sun and more sun!

Here’s Brent the anxious groom along with his ‘mates’ watching the sky while waiting for a bride who was pushing the tradition of being late right to the nth degree.

Ok, so the procession is about to begin with these lovely little ones coming in through the gate.  They really weren’t sure about what was going to happen and their part in it and the big girls coming behind still felt the need to chat even tho’ they had spent the whole day together 🙂

Mind you things looked up when the Matron of Honour aka the Brides BFF walked in.  A beautiful Matron of Honour who had three litle ones waiting for her at home.

Now the show is really on the road – and the answer to your questiion is – the bride was wearing a rather different Vera Wang wedding dress.  Lots of ruffs and pleats that gave the impression of a rose in a rosy coloured chiffony material – the reverse of the traditional white which is what the bridesmaids were dressed in

And just as delicious looking from the back – lots of interest there.  Must have been quite soft I don’t remember her saying it was uncomfortable to sit on.

Then it was down to the business part of the day – its now or never time so pay attention lol  There was lots of emotion as well as lots of giggles during this time.

And lots of tired tooties at the end of it all as well.  I know I saw at least one of these pairs of shoes lurking under a table later in the evening.

So here I am after the ceremony passing the time of day with a glass of bubbly along with the Melbourne cousin in red and the Mother of the Bride (who is married to my Perth cousin, the Father of the Bride).  Now before we flew over I was a bit cagey about wearing the light and dark grey outfit – but seeing the Mother of the Bride in black was very suprising.  Maybe I’m out of touch!

As I said it was an interesting afternoon with lots of Perth socialites there – well at least thats what I was told, because I didn’t know anyone from Adam lol

This was during the evening between courses when Nicky was relaxed enough to have taken her veil off and had begun to table hop.  Mum and Dad had calmed down and younger brother was intent on taking snaps of the very expensive ring set on the bride’s finger.

The meal was a 7 course degustation with the last course served close to midnight so I was well and truly pooped when we got back to our hotel well after 1am.  All I can say is we slept very well!!

7 thoughts on “And the bride wore…………………

  1. Wonderful wedding. Love all the dresses, especially the bride’s. You got some great shots including the shoes. It definitely will be an occasion to remember.

    In case you have missed my being absent, I had one surgery then had a heart attack in recovery from the first and ended up with heart stents too. An overnight stay in the hospital wound up one week in the hospital. Yikes! Just don’t think I forgot you.


  2. G’day Cathy. Beautiful photos. You look lovely in your outfit. Love the colour and style of the brides dress, it really suits her. Take care. Liz…


  3. Beautiful dress and love the pink color. The bride is right in fashion…Justin Timberlake’s bride, Jessica Biel wore a gorgeous pink gown at her wedding too. Must say you look utterly smashing too in your greys…very elegant indeed.


  4. Sounds like you had a lovely day. But I always feel a bit sorry for the waiting staff. Last course not served until midnight? Guess they wouldn’t get home until after 3am. Someone has to clean up.


  5. ching ching ching… That’s an old saying that mimics the sound of the cash register from way back. That dress and those of the bridesmaids look very ornate and expensive. But… someone obviously can handle it. They all look very beautiful… and you weren’t bad yourself – all dressed up! 🙂 You looked lovely, too. Thanks for posting the pictures. Weddings pics are always fun to see.


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