Travel west!

Hello there
Just a little note to say I’ll be away for a week – we are off to Perth WA for a family wedding and will be back next Wednesday.  Kiera is up at the cattery and there is just the case to be packed now.  Of course the beautiful weather they were having over in the west has changed which has mucked up all my thoughts on what clothes to take!

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy recently I haven’t answered any comments or done any visiting but will catch up with you all next week.

Anyway I’ll leave you with this little thought – why do cats need visits to the vet and treatment that costs a fortune just before I go away?  That one I’ll never know the answer to.  I suppose theres one good thing about it – and that is she won’t suffer from toothache for the rest of her life now!!

Bye for now

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