Mixed emotions

I think the above emoticons possibly echo the thoughts, feelings and attitude of some of those that have had dealings with ‘Sandy’ over the past few days.

Some could have been casual to begin with
– what are ‘they’ going on about – I’m fine nothing will touch us –
– then apprehensive –
wondering what was in store for them, when and if it did happen
– then very unhappy and sad –
at what did actually transpire when the storm arrived.

Nobody likes disasters
and this certainly is one reputed to be three times the size of Cyclone Yasi
That was the cyclone that hit Queensland early last year

Please keep in your thoughts all those affected by this disaster as it made its way up from the Bahamas and northwards along the east coast of America
Like Australians they say they are ‘tough and resiliant’
but they are also human with human thoughts and feelings

There are some who have already been coming to grips with what has actually happened
There are some who are seeing it for the first time as they begin the massive clean up today

Also keep in your thoughts those who may be affected as this storm moves on across the USA into Canada
People there will have seen the wrath of ‘Sandy’ on TV and will be wondering what is in store for them
Lets hope ‘Sandy’ calms down a bit – but the forecast doesn’t look

Wikipedia has put out a detailed page on
‘Hurricane Sandy’ and the trail of disater she has caused so far


5 thoughts on “Mixed emotions

  1. Great post Cathy! We were at our 2nd home on the North Carolina coastline during the weekend as Sandy gave us a pounding, however we were spared the horrific results that the upper Atlantic States got hit with. We just had some torrential rainfall with minor flooding, heavy winds and large waves that brought the surfers out in full force. Nothing compared to the devastation of the New York and New Jersey shores. Thanks for your thoughts sent our way! Our economy has taken another hit from this storm, but that takes a backseat to the injuries and loss of life this storm has caused.


  2. I have so many friends in MD/DC area who are now recovering from Sandy…what a complete and utter disaster. The Queens, NY area that was devastated by fire reminds me of Darwin after Tracy…my prayers go out to everyone so horrifically touched by Sandy. Thanks for your post Cathy…


  3. we had power outages in Toronto and a few trees blown over but not bad compared to NY and New Jersey…we actually didn’t have a power outage where we are.


  4. Its was so emotional just being here and seeing the devastation, I can’t even begin to imagin what it was like to be in it! The fall out will last for a long time yet I hope they get all the help they need.


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