The eyes have it!

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in a bit of a daze – Living life but not seeing much of what’s going on around me.  Certainly haven’t been in a chatty mood but that I’m sure will pass.

A few weeks ago there were moist eyes at the passing and saying goodbye of a dear friend – she accepted the terrible illness that was thrust on her about 19 months ago and was so fearless right to the end even organising her own service that certainly celebrated the very full life she lived.  Bye for now Peg – I’m sure you are stunning them wherever you are with your beautiful smile and lovely nature.

Then I felt my eyes glaze over earlier in the month when a birthday came around – not one I really wanted to see and tried desperately to avoid – the head in the sand approach doesn’t work though does it!  Three score years and ten rolled around and now the day has been and gone – all the cheerful greetings and the lovely lunch with Dh on the day and another a few days later with some of the family didn’t help – I was quite cranky for a while and to be honest I wondered what all the fuss was about – forgetting it was their way of saying they loved me – or at least I hope it was!

Now I’m using my eyes to try and finish a wedding sampler in time to take with me to Perth at the end of next week.  Silly me decided it would be a fabulously easy gift for the daughter of my cousin – silly me only started it when we got home early in September!  It is an ‘easy’ pattern I’ve used several times before, mainly wording with a side border along with a little bit of design and I moved along quite quickly with the sewing – until I came to the places I have struggled with before.

On each side of the top ‘banner’ are two birds representing the blue birds of happiness.  Only each time I sew this sampler these ‘bl…. birds’ are anything but the giver of happiness.  White on white and a very pale blue thread next to the white is a pain to stitch – especially when there are only a few stitches involved. They have been stitched and unpicked several time accompanied by quite a few words my mother certainly didn’t teach me!  I think all is well now – just have the names and date to add and it’s finished.

One year I even put a little bit of silver thread in with the white thinking I’d see it more clearly.  It had been a special order for the daughter of a friend, certainly stretched my friendship and I won’t be doing that again lol

Theres one good thing about the good weather over the past few days and that is that I’ve been able to stitch outside where the light is much better and a certain ‘person’ has been my constant companion.  Mind you she doesn’t see much ‘cose her eyes are closed most of the time!

For some reason my eyes have been ‘playing up’ whilst I been sewing – not had this problem before but I suppose theres a first time for anything isn’t there.  They were itchy and irritable, hard to focus at times almost like I had double vision, needed to squint, sometimes I needed enlargers on top of my regular glasses to see the right spot on the aida cloth.  By coincidence it was time for my eye check at the opticians and when I mentioned it she just went ‘Hmmm’ lets have a good look.  She said the itchy irritable bit could have been to do with the wild windy weather – but the rest of her delivery had me floored.  Seems I now have to go and see a cataract specialist –  ‘the beginnings’ I knew about two years ago have developed to ‘needing to be seen about’ now.

Never a dull moment in our house is there??

7 thoughts on “The eyes have it!

  1. Two members of our family have had cataract surgery and it made a world of difference in their vision. They are very glad they had it done.
    I have a dry eyes problem, and when I read too much my vision gets very blurry even with my reading glasses.
    I guess that is the trade off for the wisdom of getting older!


  2. That looks to be a beautiful wedding gift!
    Cataracts, the gift of age. I had my surgery almost two years ago. Not a miracle cure, but I can read again. (most of the time) It’s not the perfect solution for me. Still have to wear glasses. Maybe you have better ophthalmologists there. I hope you get recommendations from folks that are really satisfied.


  3. You’re so clever with all your craft work Cathy…the wedding gift is gorgeous. As to eyes…I just visited an Ophthalmologist yesterday. Seems my tiny cataracts are not yet any problem, however, the murky area I sometimes see at the top corner of my eye (that’s when I’m looking out not looking in a mirror) could be something to do with my brain…now ain’t that interesting? Further tests are in the offing. Yikes!


  4. So sorry for your loss. I’m glad your getting your eyes checked sooner rather than later. Cataract surgery is fairly routine now, I’m sure you will be fine. xxx


  5. Beautiful work. I don’t have cataracts but do have reading glasses and experienced the same problems you have with tired eyes, poor focus etc . My optician prescribed a second set of glasses just for stitching which help my eyes focus better with the shorter distances involved with sewing. I also use a magnifying glass and (ahem) three full spectrum daylight bulbs.


  6. My condolences on the death of your friend. Courage despite pain is always inspiring to me. Happy birthday! FYI, trying to hid it with ‘three-score ten’ didn’t work fo me 😉 I guessed it before I got to the ‘ten’. Hoe you come around to enjoying it. About the words your mother never taught you . . . I have a few that my mother never taugh me either! Blessings as yo0u begin a new decade of life.


  7. I do hope you followed the advice of your optician and are dong something about the cataracts. Nowadays it’s a relatively simple operation. Don’t delay.


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