Never underestimate

The power of the written word
Or the internet 🙂

Back in June as part of my ‘Post a Day’ challenge
I wrote a post about family and horse racing
It was a quick post about how horses were part of life then and now
Didn’t think anymore about it until last week and a new comment was posted

Well you’d never guess what!
I am now in contact with a branch of the family
I thought I’d never have contact with.

Yes the internet is a weird and wonderful thing!!

4 Replies to “Never underestimate”

  1. Recently my ex-husband’s brother and sil visited us for the first time. My former sil mentioned a friend of hers who turned out to be an old friend of mine. The mutual friend contacted me on facebook and through her, several of us found each other.That was the bunch I met up with last week after 48 year! It’s a small world after all.


  2. I agree with you about the internet! The same thing has happened to me. It was through my genealogy research, but it was still via the internet that someone contacted me. Fun post, Cathy.


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