Window Dressing #6

Clean kitchen windows meant fresh flowers were needed for the window sill – sadly there aren’t a lot to choose from at the moment.  The constant winter and spring rains have made the Azaleas all mushy and the majority of the Camelias seemed to have dropped quickly but those that stayed for the game are all brown round the edges.

Except for these few I found this morning

There are ‘Old Friends’ to chat to whilst I’m doing the washing up – Curly the permanent resident  of the window sill, the Lucky Black Cat as well as the sleepy black cat from Zenstone Sculpture in Devon.  Sleepy has been with me for quite a few years – cheeky thing jumped into my carry on luggage during a trip to England and insisted on coming back to live here.   

I felt at the moment I needed ‘Memories’ to look at so there are a few of the shells and a little piece of coral I found in Queensland that made the journey home to Victoria this year – as well as the last photo taken of my Dad and us before we left Uk in 1972.

And of course this view couldn’t be complete without the sight of lazybones herself.  Sound alseep as usual – testing out another of the chairs on the deck.

All is well 🙂

How do you dress your kitchen window?

6 thoughts on “Window Dressing #6

  1. Cleaning windows is a very British thing and something I don’t mind doing. Unlike my mam I don’t clean them weekly though!!

    Gill in Canada


  2. There’s someone out there who actually cleans windows? Good for you! I just wait and hope the next rain blows towards the windows instead of away…that gets ’em clean! Love your flowers too…are you able to grow lilacs? It’s too hot for them here, but how I love them and wish I could.


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