Remembering times gone by

This is ‘our big girl’ – born in Norwich (Norfolk England) early February 1963 – a bitter day in the middle of what has been called The Big Freeze of 1963. 

As opposed to ‘our little girl’ who came along later the next year whilst we were living in Singapore.  The hot humid climate suited us all much better lol 

Anyway Our Big Girl won’t be happy if she found out I told you that she will turn 50 early next year – but what her birthdate also means is that that like most babies born at that time and previously in England she was born at home.

Yes, after dh rang her from the phone box at the corner of the street a midwife (very precariously because of the icy roads) came round on her bicycle and delivered our big girl right there in the comfort of our bedroom.  We laugh about it now, but because the bedroom wasn’t exactly the warmest room in the house she slept in a huge drawer taken from the bottom of a big wardrobe similar to this one.

Propped up on a couple of chairs beside our bed she was cosy and warm and out of any draughts – and there certainly were plenty of those in that old house.

This past few Sunday evenings we’ve been watching the BBC series Call the Midwife – and even tho’ it was set in a place very different (both in location as well as the mix of people) to where I lived and a few years earlier, it certainly brought back some memories of the system used.  I know it has been a hit in UK as well as here (shown on ABC) and I believe it will be on PBS soon in the USA.  Has anyone else been watching it?

After what seemed like an eternity my name finally came to the top of the waiting list at the library, so I picked up a copy of Jennifer Worth’s book Call the Midwife (first book in her memoir trilogy)

and settled down to read it during my recent quiet week.  Well, it was such an easy read I finished it in a couple of days and have the next one Shadows of the Workhouse on hold.

I’m not sure about you but I find it hard to know whether to read a book first and then see what is offered as an adaptation on the screen (tv or cinema) or do it the other way round. See the adaptation and then read to find out what the original ‘idea’ was all about.  Often description in books never seems to get onto the screen and yet sometimes the visuals can turn out much better than the written description.  There are good points whichever way I go – how do others feel, which way do you prefer?

Anyway after my trip down memory lane I feel a lot better now – thanks for your comments and good thoughts.  I’ll be on the road again soon going down another memory lane, the one we travelled recently up north.  See you there in a couple of days.

5 thoughts on “Remembering times gone by

  1. Think I would much rather have had a midwife come and had my babies at home, of course I may have lost one or two that way… I don’t know.

    Would much rather read the book – or just see the movie. To read the book and see the movie, it’s always a disappointment to me. To see the movie and then read the book, I am thinking… “this seems familiar”.


  2. Is the beautiful blonde your daughter Cathy or is it you? Very lovely… as to books and/or movies…I read so much that a movie is way in the future for most of the stuff but there have only been a few occasions where I thought the movie stuck very closely to the book…Count of Monte Cristo and The Help immediately come to mind.


  3. It isn’t often that we hear “big girl” and “little girl”. My “big” sister is a tiny thing and I am the “little” sister now about twice her size. Now siblings are older and younger.

    My babies were born in hospitals and I’m pretty sure I would prefer that today. Yet my nieces both have used midwives.

    Cannot wait to get the television shows you recommend. It takes them a while to get here. Af far as movies go, I always prefer to read the book first.


  4. G’day Cathy. Lovely photos and a great post. I enjoyed reading it. I haven’t watched that show. If I read a book and then it’s made into a movie, I very rarely watch the movie. That’s not to say that I haven’t, but sometimes the movie disappoints. Take care. Liz…


  5. I loved the series Call The Midwife – wonderfully cast and Miranda Hart was just priceless (I believe a new series will be televised next year). Usually I’d prefer to read a book before seeing it on screen.

    Incidentally, are you sure your calculations are correct? That daughter seems to be nowhere near the age you say!


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