A little lost for words

These past few days I’ve felt like I needed some quiet time

I popped down to Springvale to say Hello to my Aunt and Uncle and seeing their plaques together for the first time sort of threw me a little.
There had been a problem down there
So I didn’t get to see her’s in place before we went away.

You will remember its about a year since Aunty Pam died
a blessing in the end as she suffered so much in the final stages of her life
that awful disease (Alzheimer’s) had taken away
any semblance of the lady we had once known.

A cold wet miserable rainy day is not the best time to visit a cemetery
even one that is beautifully described as a Botanical Cemetery
So a gift of some Azaleas from my garden
and a few Roses purchased by her other niece
brightened things a little bit.

The grounds are a picture of colour and fragrance
when all the roses are in bloom.
Won’t be long now!

Its good that they are close to each other again
She had missed him so much during her 32 years of widowhood.

Love to you both

8 thoughts on “A little lost for words

  1. Beautiful for a final resting place. My parents were only apart for eight years but it seemed like 32 to my mother and things seemed right with the world when they were side-by-side again.


  2. That’s a very long time to be a widow. I have never heard of a botanical cmetery so thank you for the link. I read it. The flowers you placed were lovely. Hope you’re feeling less at a loss for words.


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