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About a week ago I mentioned that I was really touched that someone had shared some information with me – information that helped to unravel a ‘mystery’ concerning one of my grandfathers.

The man seated is my maternal grandfather – Isaac John Joseph Thompson, my mother’s father.  I had posted this photograph (and his name) on a military forun in the hope of getting it dated – to my surprise I learned a whole lot more than the date.

Yes, we knew he served in the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corp) and we knew he was a regular and had ‘fought’ in both WW! and WW2 – Mum had told us he was a hero, ‘mentioned in dispatches’ but that was it.

Well, from that photograph, I was given the approx year it was taken and his rank.  Also from looking at the medal ribbons on Grandad’s uniform this person was able to determine his ‘mention’ and  (through contacts he had) then went on to supply me with information on which conflict he was in at the time.

This is when my jaw dropped – after giving me the date of the award, the forum member told me ‘he earned his mention for gallantry in the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (MEF).  When I looked it up I discovered the MEF is another term for The Gallipoli Camapign!

Even though I was not born here in Australia (am a naturalised Australian) it brought a smile to my face when I realised he took part in and performed an act of bravery in a campaign that is dear to the heart of most Australians.

Are there any unknowns in your family’s past
that have become known through research?

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3 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. G’day Cathy. Lovely post. Hubby maternal grandfather landed at Gallipoli and lost his life at Lone Pine. Hubby has done extensive research on him and it’s been very interesting to learn so much about him. Take care. Liz…


  2. Fascinating! I wish I were so fortunate to have a picture of my maternal grandfather. He died when my mom was a baby and in the rural conditions they lived in, plus the constant moving of my widowed grandmother, photos were lost.

    I clicked on your link. It is the first I’ve heard of Gallipoli. I’m sure your pride in your family is growing as you discover new things.

    The old photo reminds me of a blog I frequent called “Forgotten Old Photos” at

    The pictures are very interesting to see.


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