It’s In the Blood

All the talk over the past week or two has been about the race horse Black Caviar and her trip to Royal Ascot for the Diamond Jubilee Stakes.  We arrived home very late on Saturday night just in time to see the race, which she won; but oh dear, which she could easily have not won!

Now may I introduce to you John Joseph Patrick Doyle – don’t you just love that name!  He is my Great Grandfather and this was taken in 1875 just after he had been promoted to Colour Sergeant in the 36th Regiment of Foot.

His oldest 3 sons became jockeys in Ireland and then moved to Jamaica to further their careeer in horse racing by becoming trainers.  Mum had no idea why her uncles had chosen this path and it all remained a mystery to us – that was until I received the package I mentioned Thursday of last week.  It contained a marriage certificate which allowed me to find John Doyle’s army record and also told me the name and profession of his father.

It’s all clear now – John Doyle’s profession in Ireland before he joined up was a Groom – his father Patrick’s profession was a Groom – hence the connection with horses.

A groom is a person who is responsible for some or all aspects of the management of horses and/or the care of the stables themselves

We have two sons who also have connections with race horses – they have been sucessful owners for a few years now.   So as they say – It’s in the blood lol

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  1. I am trying to trace my family tree. My grandfather and his brothers were jockeys, and he went to Jamaica in the early 1900 where his wife died and he remarried.
    I wonder if there is any connection ?


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