You never can tell……

What each day will bring!

 After yesterday’s lament this is what we woke to today
From the front door
Grey clouds interspersed with blue sky
(or is it blue sky with some grey clouds??)

From the back deck
More blue sky and grey cloud

Wait for it – peeking over the neighbour’s roof
I spy

Can’t stay long today
I’ll leave you with another question
How do you know when the grandchildren are growing up?

Is it when the Deb Balls start arriving?
We are off to another this evening.
Lots of young girls parading in their long white dresses.

Or is it when they start parading yellow L plates on a car?

Caitlin Jane rang us in the morning laughing and giggling
I wasn’t quite with it until I realised she had joined two other of her cousins
Yes, another learner driver appeared yesterday
So watch out Melbourne motorists!!

edited to add – her test was just the written questions and answer one
reasurring to know she was indoors and not out on the road

23/30 June Post a Day

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  1. I am very curious about your “deb balls”. The ones in the USA are only for the daughters of the extremely wealthy and there is not public participation other than reading about the events on the social pages of the newspaper.


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