Today was……..


From the word Go – in fact from yesterday – because it poured overnight
to right now late this evening
it has been WET and COLD

Oh, I tell a lie
It stopped raining and the sun came out
for about half and hour this afternoon
But apart fom that it has been as I described

The overnight temp at Mt Dandenong –
the one just up the road that I often post photos of
was 2c/about 36f
I can vouch for that.

 I drove a couple of the grandchildren to their school at 7.30am
and it was freezing cold and hissing it down.
One car family – Dad at work – Please could you help us Grandma?
(School Music Camp = too much baggage to go on the school bus)

Its been a while since I drove in that morning traffic
Melbourne motorists intent on going to work first thing in the morning
are not to be taken lightly
With that precious cargo in the back seat I had to really concentrate on the road
Twice as much because of the b……………rain that never stopped!

Today was one of those days when not much was done
I parked myself in the chair with my knitting and the TV
In a cosy warm house with the lights and heater on
not worrying about the power bill at all.

And then when 5pm rolled around and I closed the curtains
I was so thankful I didn’t have to join all those motorists
making their way home
In the WET and COLD  

Do spare a thought for all those who are coping with the floods in
Koo wee rup and surrounding areas
They are experiencing the cold and wet
far more than us in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

22/30 June Post a Day

3 thoughts on “Today was……..

  1. I too just eat in my house but in the half an hour of sun I quickly reloaded the wheel barrow full of wood, cleaned the kitty littler and brought the bind in. Started to load the van and only just got that started when it came down again. All the road closures due to the floods have been keeping the locals pretty much stuck at home


  2. Bitterly cold and raining – and so glad I did not have the morning run to get Josh to school. That really is not so bad, except if I have Ollie with me as well. That means getting two children in and out of their car seats, trudging through the muddy footpaths and rain to school, then back with one only. Miserable!


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