Today is …….

Today is Thursday the twenty-first day of June 2012 – that means almost half of the year has gone! 24 weeks have passed since the beginning of January and there are just over that amount to come before the end of the year.

So what did this past week bring?

A quiet week with a few trips to the gym, an expected package in the post, a swim at the local pool and a day of annoyance and wondering how something could have happened aka as the unhappy computor day!

Some of the days were sunny, some were cloudy.  Some days were freezing cold, others that were not so bad.

There were some days like yesterday and today when we were delighted (I don’t think) to have gale force winds and heavy rain.

AND one day we were presented with a 5.3 earthquake lol.

So I am thankful I have a solid roof over my head and the means to heat it.

I am thankful I have a man about the house who is savvy enough to fathom out the mysteries of modern day technical equipment or knows a ‘little man’ who can give him a hand.

I am thankful for the knowledge of others – which they are willing to share so we can build up a better picture of what the lives of our past families were like.   I’ll tell you about that day another time.

I am thankful my garden is producing flowers – maybe not as many as I would like but enough to brighten up my kitchen window sill.

But what I really am thankful for is the date – yes today’s date – June 21st 2012

It is the June Solstice – the Winter solstice in our region.  It is about this time we will have our shortest day and longest night.  Days coming to close just after and light not appearing till after 7.30 am

So why am I thankful?  Well you see it is the time when the days begin to get longer.  There will be more daylight and the countdown to spring and summer begins.

And I DO love summer 🙂

21/30 June Post a Day

4 thoughts on “Today is …….

  1. You are absolutely right, we do have lots to be thankful for.

    It is the Summer Soltice in my world, since apparently we are in Summer! We had a huge amount of rain yesterday and today’s sky is not looking brilliant, but I shall enjoy what dry & sunny weather today brings.

    My working week has not been great, so I am not particularly inspired that 21st June is the longest day, but hey ho!


  2. I too am thankful for all the blessings in my life, and I have many. I don’t know about the summer heat but right now kinda over all this rain but the fire is crackling along merrily so for that I am truely grateful!


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