It would appear

That someone has put a spanner in the works
– not on purpose I would imagine –
probably quite uniintentionally
by clicking on something.

It is very evident that our computer is not very happy
– in fact it is not very happy at all – things are not working –
the V word has been mentioned:((

This is being typed on something that lives next to our usual PC
– this something works very very slowly-
but comes in handy now and again!
Especially in times of need – like now

Trouble is each time it is woken it needs to be fed
I believe it lives on updates
So from turning on to actually being ready for use
can be a long long time

Did you know that holding a thought for a long time
can be nearly as painful as being out in the bush
wanting to use the loo
driving on a freeway when you’ve just passed a turn off
and you know the next roadhouse or town isn’t for about 80ks or more

I’ve jotted down a few for tomorrow
Hopefully I’ll be able to post
Don’t want to fail in my June Post a Day challenge

I know my Dh will be trying to find the rotten thing
that has decided to live in the other PC
The one I prefer to use!

Bye for now

19/30 June Post a Day

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