Seen on a Sunday #2

Sunday September 6th 2009  Winton Central Western Queensland,_Queensland

On a hot Sunday afternoon we were pottering down the main street in Winton
and came across this fella.
Just sitting there doing nothing:)

He’s the infamous Jolly Swagman
made famous in the poem by A B ‘Banjo’ Patterson
which later became a bush ballard and our unofficlal national anthem.
‘Waltzing Matilda’  

I’ve altered the image to highlight his features

It won’t be this year
we have other places planned to visit
but hopefully we’ll go back some other time to say G’Day.

17/30 June Post a Day

4 thoughts on “Seen on a Sunday #2

  1. He should be the official mascot of Australia. We used to sing that song in grade school. Then the song started making me feel rather eerie after I saw the 1959 film version of On The Beach. Great film, but creepy.

    Tossing It Out


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