There are things to do – places to go

There are a few of these lying around the house at the moment

Yes its time to start making ‘The List’ in earnest

In 3 weeks and 3 days we’ll be on our way
Thats just 24 days you know lol

Somehow I think the lists will begin to look more like this

Or even grow to this number as the days go by

Oh dear – where do I start??

I know – with a list 🙂

16/30 June Post a Day

4 thoughts on “There are things to do – places to go

  1. G’day Cathy. Good luck with the list making. It has never let me down. Take care. Liz…


  2. I have started a list, sort off, we leave on the first. I think that’s two weeks. Very excited now


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