June finishes – Christmas gifts

A friend of mine has just become a Gt Grandmother which (after getting the ok from her) gave me the chance to cut down on the large amount of wool I have tucked away – and as one of our large chain stores had children’s clothes at give away prices I was able to tailor the colours and make several mix and match sets for the little one.  

They all live in Canada and what with postage time and seasonal differences I decided it would be best to knit these in a larger size (20″/51cm),  I’m going to put them in the post later in the year so they arrive close to Christmas time when Holly will be about 7 months old.  They shouldn’t sit in the cupboard for too long but if she is a small baby the material is lightweight enough for Summer and Autumn wear.

The pink wool is almost the same shade as the flowers – the choice of the grey or purple pants means there are 2 different looking outfits.

To begin with this jacket was all white but looked very stark so I added the lavender stripes which seems to have softened it.  And here as well the choice of grey or purple pants means there are 2 different looking outfits

I’m not going to tell how much the 4 garments cost (‘cept to say I had change for $20) plus I the wool I used was gifted –  so you have to admit they do look good for a bargain don’t they!

15/30 June Post a Day

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  1. Hi Cathy, well you should be real pleased with yourself, those outfits are so pretty… all soft and gorgeous – perfect for a little one.


  2. I often wish that I still had babies to knit for. I’m not into knitting big garments any more, I don’t think my hands would like the weight of them and I don’t have the patience, also the price of a large lot of good wool is so expensive.
    I remember when I used to plut wool by and collect a bit each week but they don’t seem to do that anywhere now, you have to buy half and collect the rest within 3 weeks. Oh well, times change don’t they.

    As for the toilet rolls, good aren’t they. I can remember having a few shredded in my time by different cats. lol

    Keep well


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