Spot the Dog

The trouble with pampered cats (or at least its always been the way with mine) is that they won’t ‘go outside’ to do their business, insisting instead that they have access to a tray.  I’ve seen them leave the garden and rush all the way indoors and then charge back outside again once they have finished lol

I could pick the big bags of paper litter up at the supermarket but I have a supplier that is cheaper than the supermarket and being a Fodder/Feed Shop is a much more pleasant place to visit.

The Feed Shop is in a nice big airy shed just off a main road, everything is kept tidy so if you want to potter about you can see things at a glance plus I’m sure it helps them with stock control.  And the other fabulous benefit to going there is I can drive through and not get wet also the lovely man there loads it into the car for me 🙂   Busy busy when I arrived the other day – there was a queue of cars in front of me.

Looking about I thought I saw something move – nothing there I could see.

Then I spotted her –

My name is Zoe – what’s yours?

13/30 June Post a Day

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  1. Our local feed store has a cat! I’m not sure what it’s name is but if you go to the counter to pay and pat her/him you get a paw on your arm until you do


  2. Interesting posts Cathie. I’ve read three but really need the time to sit and enjoy. I’m new at this, so still have to figure out how to add photos. The boatshed would have been enhanced considerably with some pictures.


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