Free Online Entertainment

Try this for size – online jigsaws – one of my favourite ways to pass the time.

Click to Mix and Solve

I’m hoping this is going to work, just click on the arrow but if the embedded thingy doesn’t cooperate this is a link to the site.

There’s a new each day and loads of archives to work through. Also a place to change the cut – making it harder or easier. My usual cut is 48 piece classic – that way it looks like a ‘regular’ jigsaw lol

Have fun 🙂

12/30 June Post a Day

5 Replies to “Free Online Entertainment”

  1. Fun? This is torture, but I shall enjoy trying, I am the only poor jigsaw puzzle worker in our entire family but this way I can work on one without everyone knowing how terrible I am. LOL


  2. Hello Cathy, yes the wool,is from spotlight and the pattern is on the label. You can knit this in the car just be careful not to drop the stitches as they are huge and easy to do!


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