More winter wonders for the window sill

I grizzle and groan at this time of the year – its cold and miserable and there are no flowers in my garden.  Now we all know ‘cold’ is relative to where you live  – compared to other countries our cold here in Victoria is not really cold (winter lows of 4c which is about 39f)  – I can’t remember the last time we had a frost – so when I complain its not really about the weather, its more about the fact it hinders whatever it is I want to do outside.

And believe it or not I do have some flowers in the garden during Winter – not in summer abundance but in ones and twos.  I think its because I don’t spend that much time outside I don’t really notice them and then I’m flabergasted when I do lol

Take my little Lasiandra bush at the bottom of the garden – it died off during the drought so I pulled it out – or so I thought.  Its shot back up again obviously from some roots that were left behind in the ground.  Look at all those lovely purple flowers and the green velvety leaves bringing a touch of colour to the garden .  I took this on a very wet rainy day last week – and as much as I loved what I saw and wanted a photo I will just say I was safe and dry about sixty foot away on our back deck lol

The purple flowers just helped lift the little arrangement of lonesome blooms on the window sill.  Rummaging around I found those little daffodil flowers I spoke of before, some more of the tiny fuschias, some tiny lavender colour Brachycome flowers, a single blue cornflower that appeared from nowhere and some of the long blooms from the Salmon coloured Tryphylla Fuschia thats tucked away out of direct view in another corner of the garden

Today was one of those dreary drizzly winter days I dislike – not really cold but certainly not pleasant.  We did very little – in fact this is where I spent most of the day.   Snug and warm in a comfy chair next to my favourite friend, sewing and knitting close to hand.  It looks bright outside but inside was dull so I opened the vertical blinds which gave a lovely feel to the room, enough light from the window to work from without having to turn the lights on.

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8 thoughts on “More winter wonders for the window sill

  1. I sit in my comfy chair in our living room and my “favorite friend” sits in his comfy chair in the den and once in a while we talk to each other on our cell phones. We are both addicted to our own television shows. Awful to admit isn’t it? Love your pictures and especially that neat window sill and the view of your deck.


  2. It’s nearly summer here but it’s been pelting down so I did quite a lot of sitting aswell. Beautiful flowers. I must pick some of our garden flowers for some summer cheer indoors.
    Love from Mum


  3. Cathy, did you know that there’s a body in one of your comfy chairs! It appears to have a book on its lap. 🙂
    Even though it’s winter for you, enjoy your comfortable home surrounded by amazing nature. And the body in the chair, too! 🙂


  4. G’day Cathy. Yes, it’s been a bit on the chilly side here lately. I still have a few blooms happening in the garden. The roses out the front are still trying to put on a show and the ever faithful daisy bushes that we planted in the back gardens when we moved here, nearly 12 months ago are looking bright and cheerful as always. Lovely photos Cathy. Take care. Liz…


  5. A windowsill filled with treasures and a comfy chair where you can knit and sew, next to your dear DH – it all looks wonderful to me. Where is Kiera?

    I have an elderly cat in front of the heater and a sofa smothered in knitting and yarn – so I sit on the floor on my cushion next to my darling Zebby Cat with the sofa behind us as I knit away (subject to Zeb’s approval). Hmm – the claws on his “clawed paws of ownership” need a wee trim, lol!!!!


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