Its the little things that make me smile

Like last week at the Dr’s when he warmed the stethoscope before placing it on my body – or going into the hairdresser’s on a freezing cold day and hearing her say ‘Hello Cathy, come on in, sit down, take the weight off your fee and what would you like to drink’ – and like this morning at the swimming pool when the little ones (preschoolers) playing on the raft after their lessons asked me if I’d like a go lol

And then there was last night when we had some of our now grown up children at the house minus their partners and children and we sat and talked – I can’t remember a time when this has happened since they all left home so it was an occasion to savour.  The smiling bit came when I heard them discussing children, schools, homework, maths and school discipline – ‘and I told her rules are rules and you have to obey them’ came from the mouth of a son who definitely didn’t believe that when he was at school lol

What little things make you smile?

7/30 June Post a Day

5 thoughts on “Its the little things that make me smile

  1. My mother always delighted to seeing her words come to truth. She told us that we would pay for our rearing when we had children of our own. Yes, I delight now in seeing the same truth happening to my children. Would it be fair to call that justice?


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