Blooming lovely for this time of the year

Lots of rain and power cuts – thats what we woke to this morning.  Our back garden was a bit on the wet side and the skies were heavy again.
It was more rain than many Victorians care for:
so the SES and other workers have been out most of the night and will be most of today and tomorrow according to the radio news.

However I did manage to get a glimpse of a few things that are defying the odds this week and ‘putting on a show’.  A very little show I have to add because the garden has a very empty look to it after being cut down low for the year.

These are the things that make me smile
The Gardenia on the side of the garage has one solitary late blooming flower.
Look at it – this isn’t the right season at all but it’s determined to shine!

Its the same as this one little flower on the fuschia bush.

The Abutilons are looking good at the moment although the branches tend to snap if the weather is really wet and windy.

And then there are these little bulbs that have popped up over the past couple of weeks.  Apart from looking like a miniture daff’ I have no idea what they are.  I was given a whole lot a couple of years ago, dropped them in the deep cavern called our garage discovered them during a tidy up and just popped them in the ground in the middle of these roses.


They were in a bag marked ‘Iris’ – sounds like Flo was having a mind wandering senior moment when she marked the bag lol

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