How do you get ideas for a post?

Its funny how you get a prompt for a post – you see things and they spark a memory – with so many Jubilee posts out at the moment I will just say the prompt I had for this post involved embroidery and a book.

I’ve been sorting out things to take away to Queensland and was in the bedroom putting some aida cloth and threads together when I saw a book which reminded me of how the all the news from Great Britain this week is awash with bunting and street parties as they begin to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year which will end this time next year on the anniversary of her coronation on June 3rd 2013.  This then popped an image into my mind of a sampler I’d seen the other month in an exhibition at the Museum in Lilydale.

Phew — So how do all these things go together in a post?

The book I caught sight of on the bookshelf was this one – ‘Elizabeth our Queen’ by Richard Dimbleby – it was given to lots of children around the British Isles at the time of the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 and as we were living in Hampshire then my copy came from the Mayor of Portsmouth.  There are loads of these for sale on the internet – not rare and not costing lots of money – mine is a bit rough round the edges, 59 years old and has survived many moves in that time.  Last time it went out of the house was for a ‘really old’ show and tell at one of the grandchildren’s school – I think it’s earned its rest on the bookcase in the back bedroom lol

Now sitting on the same shelf (‘cose I’m terrible at throwing things away) was an advertising flyer/card for the Sampler Exhibition I’d been to March – called Practice makes Perfect it looked at Australian samplers from 1850 onwards.

There were so many beautiful samplers there – all of them sewn in Australia and not all using the traditional method of cross stitch.  Amongst the photos I took was this one depicting – guess what – none other than the Queen’s Coronation in 1953!

If you look carefully (it should enlarge with a click) you’ll see its an embroidered piece – there are many embroidery stitches used – and I can’t find one cross stitch anywhere lol

So how do your post ideas arrive?
 – Do you plan them –
Or do the posts just unravel before your eyes?

3/30 June Post a Day

5 thoughts on “How do you get ideas for a post?

  1. I would live to have received on of those books but I wasn’t around then. And I would not have been in the uk. Love the sampler on day I will try one of my own.


  2. G’day Cathy. They are lovely pieces to treasure. I do like the embroidered one, it is just beautiful. My ideas for a post are usually when I have achieved something with the new gardens we are making or even with whatever I have accomplished with my sewing. Sometimes though, the brain just doesn’t work and I tend to ramble on. Take care. Liz…


  3. We have “more” than a few old, treasured things too. Looking at what you have, I understand why you still have them! Recently, however, my neighbor hosted a party with an autioneer present; someone who looked at our (the attendees) “valuables” in order to tell us if we indeed had something worth “money.” It was an eye-opener for me. He said that it is hard to tell what will have value in the future; basically, that we should sell things now – not that “you” are interested in selling your treasures. 🙂

    My husband and I have way to many “treasures,” inheritied from deseased parents and grandparents. I’m currently purging. It’s too much to burden my kids with.

    As for blog ideas: I’ve always been curious about the least of things; always wanting to know why, or how someone feels because of a certain situation. I find myself observing others to get “my” idea. I seem to be better at talking about others than just my “current” self, however I add my feelings.


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