You never know –

– What the day will bring –
Take last Thursday for example

Looking out the front door first thing in the morning and what do I see but
Bert’s tall tree looking very mysterious in the fog

But look at it a bit later in the day
much happier when the sunshine arrived

Just like me
I settled down and decided to sort something out that had been bothering me
I’ll tell you about another day.

2/30 June Post a Day

5 thoughts on “You never know –

  1. G’day Cathy. It’s been foggy here some mornings this past week and has usually turned into reasonable, but still cool days. The sun is shining here at the moment and it look promising. It is always a good feeling to get something that has been bothering you, sorted out. Take care. Liz…


    1. Thanks for dropping in Liz – at least with the foggy mornings we usually have sunny days and no rain – always a first time tho lol


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