Why woment find it hard to go to sleep

Do any of you remember those times when your mind seemed to want to carry on at full pelt instead of closing down for the night –  look carefully at the fun going on above and seemingly you will find the reason there lol

I have absolutely no idea whereabouts on the internet I actually found this – Entitled ‘A Womens Brain’ or ‘Why Women find it hard to go to Sleep’ –  I can totally relate to all the stuff going on there.  There are things happening all over the place – It just goes on and on!!


3 thoughts on “Why woment find it hard to go to sleep

  1. That is perfect. I am too busy for those thoughts during the day but the minute my head hits the pillow those little guys start running through my head reminding me of all the things I did and didn’t do today and all the things I need to do tomorrow.


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