Window Dressing # 5

Questions have been asked
– in person and via email –
where have you been – What have you been up to?
Well like I said the other day I haven’t been doing much at all.
There has been a bit of reading and some knitting and some family history stuff
Not really heavy mind blowing stuff at all

What we have had recently – well until the past couple of days –
were quite a few days when the rain hasn’t tumbled down
which in my eyes meant time outside trying to sort out the garden.

If the next few weeks fly by as quickly as the past ones
it’ll be the beginning of July before I know where I am
and we’ll be on our way up north to the warm sunshine
leaving behind a garden full of weeds and unpruned roses.

Yesterday it poured
actually that’s a slight understatement
as in fact here in Melbourne it was
the coldest day since 2000 and the wettest May day in 17 years
outside our house it was wet, miserable and freezing cold
we spent the day doing not much at all.
Today is not much better
I’ve spent most of it following up on some family research
while dh has been curled up in his comfy chair
comfortably warm with a book, the TV remote control and ipad

So to cheer us all up
I thought I’d show you something I managed to find in the garden last month
before I got let loose with the secateurs and cut everything to the ground
Aren’t they beautiful
A couple of late bloomers and A couple of early bloomers
Along with some feline friends

More beautiful flowers can be found here  

4 thoughts on “Window Dressing # 5

  1. G’day Cathy. The flowers are beautiful as are the feline friends. I can understand it being the coldest day yesterday for all those years. It was a shocker here. I had a lunch date at a cafe in our town here, so had to venture out in it. My poor hubby was working out in it and he was so cold,wet and miserable when he got home and needless to say not in the best of moods. Cold and wet here today, but not as bad as yesterday. Keep warm. Take care. Liz…


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