How’s it gone?

Well it’s over two months since the blog moved house and so far so good – we seem to be settling quite well – apart from accidentally pushing the publish button a bit too early a couple of times – I’ve managed to put together some posts and now that readers are getting to know where I am to receive some comments on those posts.  Tho’ I must get back into the habit of saying thank you for them lol

This week I started to think about how I was managing to utilise my word for 2012 in my life – full marks for those who remembered that the word I settled on was communication.  I really wanted to encompass that idea in more ways than just speech but thinking about what I’ve actually been doing led me to the thought that somehow it seems I have been been interpreting communication from others to me more than me to them lol

Not long after it was released I had a ‘date’ with Dh – we went to the cinema and saw The Best Exotic Marigold HotelA funny film with a great cast who showed so well the problems of growing older and how the things you dream of never seem to really be what you actually want and how other things will arrive to fill that need.

We had a weekend away in Port Fairy where we spent a lot of time walking by the beach, enjoying the fresh air and also catching up with old friends.

It was a talkative time and a time where I discovered there were others in the group who were as intrigued with lighthouses as I was.

When a group of ladies take the train instead of driving to Bendigo to see the Grace Kelly Exhibition it means on thing – we have understood completely the State Government’s reason for providing us (pensioners) with a couple of free rail passes each year – it’s so we can have fun on the cheap lol

After seeing the clothing on display and reading the literature we understood a lot more about her life as a film star and duties as a princess in Monaco.

I’ve been spending Friday evenings watching reruns of an old ABC series called Sea Change.  It’s about a woman who gives up a high power job in the city and relocates to a very small coastal town and how her life changes over the years.  Watching how the characters relate to each other each week has me smiling – and who wouldn’t smile at a much younger Sigrid Thornton and David Wenham (Diver Dan) as well as actors John Howard and Kerry Armstrong playing husband and wife .

Watching and also wondering if all those other people in real life who move to realise their dream of a sea change or tree change become involved in a community as colourful as that of Pearl Bay.

Another day out was to the Australian Garden in Cranbourne

which meant I could see for myself Australian Native Plants in semi mass plantings in display gardens and by listening to the guides and reading the leaflets understand how the different plants have changed over time to cope with various climate zones in Australia.

But I’ll tell you all about the best communication that took place in this time another day.

3 thoughts on “How’s it gone?

  1. Hi Cathy, enjoyed your post and your comments about the Marigold Hotel film. It has a good cast so I felt it would be enjoyable!
    Your time at Port Fairy sounded nice – always good to be near water.
    The Australian Garden would have been interesting too. I thought it was a great idea establishing such a place.


  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the Marigold Hotel film. I’ve been to India, and understand how delightful and horrible it can be – all at the same time!


  3. I came across your lovely blog via a Google search for SeaChange…also my favourite TV show ever! It’s nice to hear about others enjoying this show as much as me. It must be beautiful living in the Dandenongs. I’m a Melbourne girl currently living in China for a year…missing the fresh air and sunny skies of home. Also nice to hear you and your friends using the free travel for pensioners on V-line…my Mum is a big fan of that scheme and always laments ‘Why don’t they give it to young people too?’ I will just have to wait until retirement for the long awaited free travel 🙂 Nice to meet you via the blogosphere x Isabel


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