Achieving your goals

As I mentioned the other day the best sort of communication I’d been party to over the past few months was watching a daughter achieve her goal of becoming a ‘legend’ and receiving the yellow bandana for finishing her fifth Trail Walker event.

It was smiles all the way from the very start to the end.

This is a fundraiser for Oxfam which involves walking/running 100kms up and down various hilly ‘trails’ (from ground to 600 metres) in a given time of 48 hrs.  It allows time (if you want/need) to stop and meet up with support crews at each checkpoint along the way – some teams choose to move right on and only make minimal stops, others whose aim is finishing rather than getting a ‘good’ time choose to rest for several hours or even sleep overnight.

Her team smiled as they went through various checkpoints – as you can see the morning slowly went from wet and miserable to dry and sunny – didn’t matter the smiles kept coming.

Chatted with me (wearing the fawn sleeveless jacket)and her Dad in what seemed like the middle of the night but was just 7pm at checkpoint 4 in Olinda just a short drive from our home –  and then after jogging/walking for just over 24 hours arrived at the finish line – still smiling and laughing!

Always ready to give it a go – Congratulations J – we love you!

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  1. G’day Cathy. Good on her, she has done a great job. Lovely photos. Take care. Liz…


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