He made a hundred

This is our No 1 grandson’s kinder photo at the age of four – a very mischievous boy with a cheeky smile that would melt your heart.

His favourite activity was to play – to play anything – especially ball games – especially the ball games many Australian boys love to play – namely Cricket and Aussie Rules Football.  Footy began as a little one in the back garden – kick to kick with his Dad (son in law) and as soon as he was old enough with Auskick.  Now he is a big strapping lad who still plays ball games – still gets out on the oval during the winter to play Aussie Rules with his team here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  This weekend just gone he passed a milestone in his ‘playing career’ – he played his 100th game.

Yes, we’ll come and see him I said weeks ago and thankfully after what seemed like months of rain the weather gods smiled and it wasn’t raining.   A little bit nippy and with heavy skies but not raining.    Now to mark these special occasions there has to be a banner to run through so the family set to and produced one worthy of a big professional AFL game lol 

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they will show the story as it progresses

Teams are on the ground and even tho’ they have had lots of encouragement in the team rooms there has to be an onground huddle to start them in the right frame of mind followed by another pre game warm up exercise  And then the umpires are escorted on to the oval – a sign of the times that even for junior games the umpires are escorted on and off.

So with a ball up the game is started – ball up and not centre bounce because the ground was rather soggy and wet .  Out our way trees and perimeter parking are one of the great things about most local football ovals – shade in the summer when its cricket thats played here and if you really need it warmth to watch the footy in the winter on a cold rainy day.  Plus the advantage of being able to toot the horn when a goal is scored lol  This ground is within sight of those hills I keep talking about and if you look carefully the TV masts are visible just in the centre

The Object of game is to score points by getting the ball through the goal posts – yes there are four posts and not two and there are points for whichever ones the ball goes through,  I don’t profess to know all the ins and outs of the game ‘cept there’s lots of running and jostling to get the ball and its a tense time when the play is in front of the goal and its a lonely time for the goal umpire when play is at the other end lol


So half time comes and the onground huddle and coach’s talk begins – the ‘play board’ goes along with all the changes visible only to the players – the coach was forever consulting it as he paced up and down whilst watching the game.

Of course it also meant it was time to treat myself to something I definitely haven’t had for a very long time – A Meat Pie – Hot and Tasty and very warming.

Here’s our Action Man (No 4) in action

Grey skies didn’t deter them – the final score was a good one – next week might not be so easy – lots of training to be done in the mean time.  What was great for our grandson was that his team gave him a Moment of Glory as they came off the ground.

Local football is family oriented, Mums and Dads go along to cheer as well as sisters and brothers – what I loved tho’ was the sight of this little one and his ball – maybe a future Man of the Match lol

Also on this particular day the next team on the ground were the Veterans – the big lads – the old fellas – those that had played for the club years ago – they too can remember what it was like to be 17 and there was no way a few balding heads and pot bellies were going to get in the way of their love of the game.

What was your weekend like – were any sporting events in there?  Are you involved in local sport – were you when your children were younger – and do you think it is worthwhile for the youngsters and also for the parents to have a go?


5 thoughts on “He made a hundred

  1. G’day Cathy.Lovely photos, lovely story. That meat pie looks yummy. I haven’t had one in ages.Take care. Liz…


    1. Neither had I Liz – tasted rather good but as they aren’t exactly on the menu these days so i think it will the last one for a while


  2. I attended all of my children’s sports games and practices and band, etc. We attended some of our grandchildren’s performances in sports, music, etc. Now we hope our presence isn’t required or missed because we just can’t make all the trips.


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