Cocky in the tree top

Had a lovely walk in the local park on Friday – unfortunately there is some work going on in and around the wetlands (noisy with diggers and the sort making a mess) which meant a lot of the birds had either been relocated or had just left for the day.  Didn’t get to see many at all 😦

So I thought maybe you’d like to see these that I ‘did’ see in the same park October last year.  At first glance I thought the big white birds were Sulphur Crested Cockatoos but then when I couldn’t see the yellow crest I realised they were Corellas.
Not sure which one tho’ but most likely the second.

Little Corella  = Cacatua sanguinea
Long Billed Corellas = Cacatua tenuirostris   

They were fairly high up in the old tree which meant I had zoom in and with the sun in a ‘stupid place’ it also meant I couldn’t see what was on the camera screen so I wasn’t even sure I was taking a photo of anything lol

So here you are – Cocky in the Tree Top  

They use old holes in trees for nesting so its possible this one is a female. 

Cropped for a closer look

Cocky on the look out

Cropped for a better view of the long bill they have

Then what do I see higher up off to one side almost hidden in the branches but another one!

Cocky with an ‘I can see you’ look in his eyes

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11 thoughts on “Cocky in the tree top

  1. Cool pictures, don’t you just love seeing animals in their natural habitat, especially the ones you don’t see regularly.


  2. G’day Cathy. Lovely photos. Yes, they are beautiful birds and that beak is very long and dangerous, especally when you get bitten by one as I did some years ago when I rescued one on the roadside that had been injured and was being attackled by a bunch of crows. I threw an old blanket over the cocky, but it managed to turn it’s head and get it’s beak in my finger. I took the bird to the local vet and they in turn rang the doctor to get me straight in the clinic.The blood was pouring down my hand and the vet asked who was injured the most, me or the bird ? The beak didn’t go right through my finger, but it made a decent hole and I still have the scar, but I still love seeing them around here. Take care. Liz…


  3. What an amazing bird. We certainly have nothing like that here in the UK. What a pain that they were doing work in the area though. I can well understand that the birds would hate that. I can’t stand that kind of noise either.


  4. Great photos Cathy…they make me feel homesick. Isn’t it amazing that despite the fact that where I live is considered ‘paradise,’ we don’t have any wonderfully exotic animal life at all. Sigh. Smiles – Astrid


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