Lets Be Careful Out There

Just a qick note before I go for a walk on this beautiful dry, sunny and not too chilly Friday morning.  Do you remember where today’s title came from?  A catch phrase from a police show I used to watch many years ago  – one of the policemen would say this at the end of a briefing, a throw away line – very well placed as it would serve as a reminder to keep your wits about you as you went about your daily doings.

Do you remember which series it was?  Watch and listen to this video – who could forget the opening theme – even with your eyes closed the piano would give it away, you knew instantly what was on.

Yes, Hill Street Blues was a favourite in our house – was it in yours?
Hill Street Blues – info from wiki
Hill Street Blues – info from The Museum of Broadcast Communications
Website dedicated to its memory

Depending on how you look at things that phrase could be the ‘Thought for Today – today is Friday the Thirteenth !!  Regarded as very unlucky by some who take it very carfully – they are Paraskevidekatriaphobics —I discovered this new word this morning.

Paraskevidekatriaphobics have a morbid fear of Friday the 13th, which falls at least once a year and sometimes three times.  source
Think they will be very worried this year 2012 as there are three of them – January April and July!!

Answers.com tells you how to pronounce the word nad if you have time to spare do read this article – lots of interesting stuff there.

Anyway I’m off now – a couple of the the things I wont be doing today are walking under any ladders or opening an umbrella indoors – but then I don’t do them anytime anyway lol

Lets be careful out there!!   Superstitious – who me?  I blame it on the Irish heritage lol

Tell me about your day – were you or will you be extra careful today??

6 thoughts on “Lets Be Careful Out There

  1. Since I’ve retired, I wouldn’t have even known it’s Friday the 13th if you hadn’t told us. My iPhone tells me when I have appointments, automatic bill pay gets my bills paid on time. All I really want to know is when Sunday rolls around so I can get to church on time, lol.

    I’m afraid I would have more fear of that huge word than I would when the 13th falls on Friday.


  2. HILL STREET BLUES is on every Wednesday night and I watch it after NYPD BLUE, my favorite show of all time. Thus the NYPD BLUE theme song is my favorite but still like the others as well. Like Glenda, I would not have noted this is Friday the 13th. Glad it’s always been a lucky day for me, regardless of all my superstitious upbringing by the Irish relatives. LOL


  3. I love that you wrote this post. I had jsut had this conversation with my granddaughter because before she goes off to school I give her a hug and tell her to be careful out there. Just last week, I told her where the phrase came from. You made me smile today! Thanks.


  4. G’day Cathy. Hill Street Blues was a great show. My Friday was spent running around like a mad woman. Visitors were coming late afternoon from Queensland and staying the night and as usual there were a million things to do, but it all worked out well in the end. Take care. Liz…


  5. Another fan here, although I don’t watch the reruns. I’m in a season of life where night time TV is naught. lol I loved watching it. When I see the promotions of similar dramas now, I realize how much things have changed.

    No supersitions here. Actually, I tend to joke about these things when I’m around people who do believe them. Anything for a little humor. 🙂


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