Yesterday has been and gone

Yesterday has been and gone
Now we sing a different song

Today Sydney NSW is awash with young girls
All with the one idea in mind – to catch a glimpse of a certain Boy Band and to sing all the group’s songs they have committed to memory

That Boy Band would be the one that is intent on breaking the heart of just about every young girl in Australia (and other countries as well)
Yes that Boy Band.
One Direction or 1D as I’ve seen on some posters

They (The Band) arrived yesterday and had TV appearances this morning
Watching from the comfort of my lounge room it was obvious Martin Place was full of screaming girls who would have no voice left by the time they arrived home.
Its about 900kms/ 550 miles from Sydney to Melbourne and I reckon I could hear them all the way down here lol

Mind you, I do remember one of my girls being potty over Bay City Rollers – the boys seemed to favour bands that produced louder more invasive music.

Me, well I preferred all sorts of music – still do
Yes, I knew all the pop songs but never went gaga over the singers
We didn’t have a ‘record player’ so whatever music I came in contact with
was heard on the radio or ‘seen’ on the TV
and I suppose I was sort of old fashioned and definitely not like lot of my friends at school who were ‘in love’ with Elvis and only Elvis

 Loved the sound of big bands and also jazz (Trad and Modern),
Singers like Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Frankie Laine and Nat ‘King’ Cole
as well as Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald
Tenors like Mario Lanza and Josef Locke were my father’s favourites and I have to admit to enjoying them as well

Yet there was ‘one’ singer who did seem special to me at the time
Lonnie Donegan featured on my bedroom wall for a few years
There was something about him I really enjoyed.

 Lonnie Donegan Fan Website

Tom Dooley
Gambling Man
Grand Coulee Dam

Lonnie Donegan and Ottilie Patterson
Lonnie Donegan and Van Morrison
Lonnie Donegan and and Chris Barber

The two lines of the song up at the top of this post are all I can remember
I’ve no idea where it comes from or where I heard it
Thats all I have going round and round in my head

But it does seems very apt when you think about the music industry doesn’t it?

‘Yesterday has been and gone
Now we sing a different song’

As a young person (teenager) what were your music likes and dislikes?
Have they changed much over the years?

5 thoughts on “Yesterday has been and gone

  1. I think my tastes have stayed pretty much the same since I was young. Over the years, I have added more “favorites”, but I still like rock’n’roll! :O


  2. I was one of those that went totally gaga over the Beatles during the 1960’s. I had all their records and still have an LP that some say is worth a lot of money. But to me, it’s priceless just to remember the feeling it invoked everytime I played it on my little dime store record player. I never got to go to a concert, but if I had, would have probably been one of those swooning, silly girls that we saw on TV.


  3. G’day Cathy. I don’t think I ever really went gaga over any bands or singers in my younger days. I did see the Beatles when they were here and I was lucky enough to meet Bon Scott from AC/DC all those years ago and as for the screaming and sobbing, I was probably in that league at some stage. I have always been a rock ‘n’ roll chick, but, in among that has been a love of country music as well. Take care. Liz…


  4. I’m afraid that I swooned over Elvis. But I did get over that and haven’t held to the belief that he is alive and well somewhere on this planet. The Beatles were okay but I never got caught in the hype. Now Waylon Jennings is a whole different story. I did love him so as well as all The Highwaymen!


  5. I remember watching 1 direction on the reality show and that they were not originally a group. Simon cowell made the group from various singers on the show, he knows a thing or two doesn’t he?

    As for Lonnie, does your chewing gum stick to your bedpost??? lol

    First the postcards and now a trip down memory lane with Lonnie, what next?



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