All change!!

Could be titled ‘Sleepy Time Girl’
But more likely
‘The sleeping habits of a cat!’

I’m trying out something different today
I’m trying out the photo gallery feature
I’m hoping its going to work and there isn’t a huge blank space
down at the bottom of this post lol

On a recent autumn day when the leaves were starting to turn
The clouds came down making the nearby hills barely visible
So a certain feline made the decision to change her sleeping arrangements.

She moved from the ground floor
– her favoured outdoor spot during the warmer months –
(as can be seen here in this post and also in this one)
And went up a level to her favoured spot for the cooler months.

Look below and see what happened
as she became re-acquainted with the igloo

If you click on a photo they enlarge and form a slide show

Wonder what she was dreaming about??

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12 thoughts on “All change!!

  1. Interesting slideshow. You did very well, Would not want to be on the receiving end of you cat’s claws. That dream must have been something for her to prepare her weapons.


  2. So, autumn is coming your way, it’s such a pretty time of year, just like spring only backwards. 🙂

    Kiera is quite the cat! I like her little sleeping cube, I would almost bet she feels all warm and safe in there.

    Who knows what cats dream? Our DC moves as if she is chasing something, truth is, she actually thinks mice are her friends… so I have no idea what goes on in her little head.


  3. You threw that street scene in there to confuse us didn’t you? Kiera looks as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. I love her sleeping cube.


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