So long, its been good to know you

The first time I met the man in the white shirt I felt as if I had known him the best part of my life.  He had clear blue eyes that looked straight at you, he was attentive and made me laugh and he loved his Mum.  I felt really comfortable when he was around – he reminded me of someone I knew but I just couldn’t put my finger on it at first.

The man in white had no recollection of the last time he saw the man in yellow.  It had been in 1945, in England and they were both very young at the time.  The two men went on to spend most of their lives at opposite ends of the earth to each other and weren’t to meet again till this photograph was taken in 1988.

There is no wonder I felt so comfortable with him because the man is yellow is my husband and the man in white his cousin (their mothers were sisters) – their mannerisms, their sense of humour, their attitude to life even their looks were so similar they appeared to be more like brothers than cousins.

Here I am just going to say he ‘was’ my husbands cousin 😦

At 3pm Atlantic DaylightTime on Monday April 2nd 2012 family and friends in Berwick, a small town in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia Canada will say ‘Goodbye’ to this lovely man whose life has ended much too soon.

Ronald P Little
Dec 1942 – March 2012
aged 69 years

Ronnie we will all miss you.   It really was good to know you !!

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