Our Virtual Spring Fair

Today’s the day – the day we hold Mum’s Virtual Spring Fair
I hope you are prepared for all the fun and excitement

There will be so many things to see and do today
So many places to visit
and because of the wonders of the internet
it doesn’t matter where you live
There are no closing hours
it will be open from morn to night lol

My stall is full to brimming
– there are so many items on it suitable for this time of the year –
– Lots of Hand Knitted Sleeveless Jackets for Babies and Children –
as well as some other things that may also be of interest to you

Many of my little garments have been crafted
from patterns found in older books
Tried and True and oh so suitable for any baby
no matter which era it is born into

Just click on a picture for a larger view

This little jacket from the Hayfield book can be fashioned in many ways

Here are some I have on the stall today
Using the same basic pattern for each and obtaining their individual looks
by using various stitches and ideas from other patterns

Broken rib and Fisherman’s Rib jackets are just the thing for cooler autumn days when they can be teamed with a warm shirt or skivvy.  The soft coloured ones will look delightful on a little girl aged about 12 months.

Recently I developed a Fair Isle version
– such a sweet gift with matching clothing –

Keeping them company today is another style that is a favourite with some families,   Fashioned in the bright colours that thoroughly modern mums love.  The darling little tiny one is suitable for a new born – not too bulky so it fits nicely over a grow suit and available in a neutral colour.

What’s that I hear you say – your babies are not babies any more – don’t despair – look at these sleeveless waistcoats suitable for older children – warm and cosy for running around outside when its not too cold.  They would look good on a 2 year old toddler – imagine how grown up he will look strutting his stuff and finding his feet with the big kids in the playground 🙂

Now for my added extras 🙂

Spring might be here but there are times when a cooler day makes us realise there is nothing worse than cold toes 😦 so these hand knitted slippers are the way to go.  Can I interest you in a pair – in fact they are economical enough to have several pairs at home – soft, comfortable and very warm – just like Grandma used to make.

I’m sure even the most discerning person will be pleased with this array of soft lacy hand knit scarves


 Knit from an Acrylic, Mohair and Nylon blend, yes it is a man made yarn but so so suitable for such a fashionable item.  Long enough to be tied in many ways, wide enough to be used over the shoulders if desired and soft enough to sit next to the face and cheeks without the fear of scratching.

Also on my stall I have a scarf with very up tp date look –
it’s an adaptation of a vintage design
– The Cross Over Scarf –

Many of us have those lovely fluffy scarves crafted from fun feathery yarns, they have been a winter standby in so many wardrobes these past few years, and I wondered how that yarn would work in other designs.

After a little wrangling here and there and a few failed attempts I came up with a scarf that would stay close to the neck and ears like a neckwarmer but be more dressy and suitable for someone whose hands were ‘full’ on the way to work – and who couldn’t be bothered with the fullness of a full length scarf that might fly all over the place.

There are lots of stalls here today
Mum will add a links to the stalls
Which means you will be able to make your way round the show ground
Stop and say ‘Hello’

Do you visit the ‘shows’ when they are on in your area?
What do you enjoy the most?

17 thoughts on “Our Virtual Spring Fair

  1. Oh my! I love them all. I don’t have any little ones, but I’d love to pick a couple of tops to go in my “wish” box — the one I’m keeping for future grandchildren. 🙂


    1. Hello Shara
      Lovely to meet you, thanks for dropping in and for your nice compliment. Love the idea of a grandchild’s glory box lol I’m sure when the time comes you’ll find just the right gift for your grandchildren


  2. Hi Cathy, I’ve been having trouble commenting on your blog. Hopefully this one will go through. If not I’ll keep fiddling till I can work out what’s happening.
    I am reading your blog though.


  3. Wow you have been so busy creating 🙂
    I love your little baby handknits, and the lacy scarves look wonderful, I have enjoyed visiting your stall and seeing all these handmade goodies xx


  4. I’m just thiking of a happy little child running around wearing one of those sweaters!
    Gorgeous work!
    How I wish I could knit well.
    Jane x


  5. Dear Cathy: Thanks to you, I am having a lovely time today. I plan to make the rounds of the Virtual Spring Fair. What a fun idea and thanks for sharing the information. Your knitting is beautiful and I enjoyed looking around your stall. I’m guessing you’ve dressed many a baby!


  6. What lovely things on your stall. I love them!

    Those aran knitted scarfs are so pretty and look so soft.

    Sft x


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