Money Matters

Money matters doesn’t it – as far as I’m concerned it most certainly does – some months there doesn’t seem to be enough to go round – Gas and Electric went up earlier this year, health insurance is rising again next month and so many items in the supermarket are going up – these are what are affecting us at the moment.  Stocking up on non perishables is mandatory in our house, I’ve nearly always shopped with a list but recently have even taken to using a calculator as well – just to keep an eye on the total of the ticket!

The other week I mentioned in passing we were starting to plan our winter trip and that meant I have been thinking about the M word and the B word.  Those two words  ‘Money and Budgets’ – are bandied around a lot on the Internet and can be the bane of our lives if we aren’t able to manage them properly.
For me, I find it helps if I keep a record of purchases and payments – anyone remember my exercise book from a few years ago?  The idea is still going strong with a new one each year:)

We all have different methods of keeping check on where the cash is and what we spend it on; mine is no more special that anyone else’s and I certainly don’t always keep to the budget we have decided on at the beginning of each year.  Quite by chance I recently re-found a download for a budget spreadsheet that I had used a while ago – refound as in I ‘accidently’ deleted it and it took me ages to find it again on the web.  On a Mothers and Baby site of all places lol

Have a look at it here –  Downloading this spreadsheet is easy, its in two parts, one for your budgeted amounts and another for actual monthly expenditure over the year.  It doesn’t provide you with more money nor will it stop you spending money that you ‘don’t have’ but if you record what you do spend (and there are lots of categories for that to happen) it will show you visually where you are overspending; to me its a help because I need to know we are able to survive (and also save a bit) on what we do receive 🙂

What tricks do you have for keeping an eye on your finances?  Is there enough to go round or have you had to cut back again?

7 thoughts on “Money Matters

  1. That’s my very least favorite thing to do – keeping a budget. We’re like a pair of old ostriches with our heads in the sand, just peeking it up long enough to be sure there’s still money in the bank account.

    Maybe not that bad but only because our bank offers a Bill Pay feature which I use for all bills and in it, there’s a budgeting feature included that you can download and use to record your other expenditures.

    P.S. I loved your comment on my blog post about No Reply bloggers. And since I couldn’t reply by email, I ran over to comment on your blog, lol. It works.


    1. Glenda for many years i think we could have been called ostriches as well – then one day there was a call from the bank manager ( yes that long ago) that caused us to take a good look at what was going on.
      I’ve been paranoid about not having enough ever since lol


  2. Well I am a firm believer that money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure makes life suck big time really fast, when you don’t have any. Everyday living is getting more and more expensive and we seem to get less for it. I will have to change cars soon, because I can’t afford gasing up my Jeep…..way too much money, so I don’t go out as much as I used to anymore.
    Making and following a budget is still on my to do list for one of these days lol…..


    1. I found it hard to begin with Tina – just started with some of the regular bills. Gas Electric etc, add up last years then divide by 12 to get an approximate monthy amount and put that away so at least there’s a little something there towards the bills when they come in.


  3. We have three separate accounts, one for household spending (Lights, taxes, food etc), one for my husband’s work expenses (Travel, motels etc) and one that is for saving (from which we delve into for extra principal on the house, his ROTH acct etc).
    When they are low, we spend less and yes, when the work is good we buy fun stuff.

    That’s as close to a budget as I can get, I don’t spend much for anything but at the grocery store or the dollar store.


  4. G’day Cathy. Yes, it’s hard these days with the cost of everything going up and there really doesn’t look as though there will be an end in sight. The cost of fuel is enough to deter anyone from travelling. Hubby works full time and I am working on a permanent part time basis and it’s still hard to juggle the money around at times. We really watch what we spend and even though there are times that we might splurge out on something, we still keep an eye on those dollars. Take care. Liz…


  5. My spouse is a very frugal person. He manages to save while I manage to spend. Along the way I have learned a lot about thrift and work more diligently to preserve our assets. We have always had “enough” though I have often wished for surplus. That is greed when we really don’t need more than “enough”.


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