Nose Swatters Unite

Well I’m still in need of a bit of FUN so heres another of those delicious time wasters – very much like the one I found in January where you waited till the man stopped running and then held the curser over his head.

That one I called The Curser Catcher

Today you need to wave (hover) the curser in front of the man’s face and see what he does.

This one I called The Nose Swatter

And I know you’ll go back again and again just to annoy him.

5 thoughts on “Nose Swatters Unite

  1. How do they do that?!! When he swats it, it really moves out of your control. I must have missed the catcher, so I went back to see it. I love it!


    1. There’s a whole website dedicated to similar clips made by this clever young man – I must post the link one day


  2. You are right. I kept bugging (no pun intended) the nose swatter. Wish I could have made my cursor look like a fly.


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